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On Base Islands

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GetNerfedOn    7027

I've seen many ideas from this forum as to where to base down in the Archipelago...

But none seem to work as well as these islands for me:



I personally call this the Island of Plenty. A setpiece of at least 18 berry bushes, within a jungle - which almost always has Spiders and Snake bushes in it - encircling a tidal marsh biome, which has a abysmally rare chance of having Fishermerms in it. Finding this island gives a very solid start in terms of food and resources, and thus finding it is something i always prioritize in all my SW worlds to great results.


Another variant sees the same 18-berry setpiece in the middle of an sizeable island with veritable village of Wildbore huts. Although I still prefer basing in the former island of plenty due to the abundance of Reeds and Spiders, the benefits to be reaped are still quite large especially due to the normally scarce amount of Pigs.

I've always seen either of these island setpieces (with the first one being more common) generate within any type of generation. The only problem is finding them early game, as they could be randomly placed anywhere on the very large map that is Shipwrecked. But when i finally find them, it's smooth sailing for me till the rest of the game.

Though, I'm curious... where do you guys prefer to base down and why?

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Frontente    91

I usally base on a relatively small island which has a decent variety of resources. For me small islands are good in the beginning, because I can reach all resources easily and don't have to ship around a huge landmass if I return to my base from a different direction.
If it's a longterm island I pay attention to have sand piles, crabbit dens and limpet stones on it, because it looks better once I turned the whole island to a megabase.

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