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Have only duplicants less than 80% immunity take vitamin chews

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I am constantly enabling/disabling vitamin chews for my duplicants since I do not want duplicants with over 80% immunity (typically 100% immunity) taking vitamin chews, since it is a waste of vitamin chews. Since the Vitamin Supplement effect applies +10% Immune System Strength for 2.0 cycles, it makes sense that 80% be the threshold. Granted, there may be many who want to set this threshold manually, but at the very least I would like to have it set to 80%. Thanks! Love the game Klei.

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I`m not sure if currently they always take it or not but for me it makes more sense if they take the pills when their immune system overall change goes below -10%/cycle. That way the chews would neutralize the negative immunity change and keep the dupes healthy.

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@Sasza22 has a fine point. Duplicants have a rebound rate of 15%,  11% for the biohazardous. Assuming that the pill is a buff to the regen rate, then this would result in +35 and +31 over 2 cycles putting them back on track like you mentioned, @Rainbowdesign.

In the meantime @yoakenashi  you can always use the consumables to help mitigate rampant use of vitamins. Either by enable them occasionally. Or via other methods...

If you know which dupes are more prone to being compromised - designated for exposure etc, this may reduce consumption. Meds are hiding on the far right of the (F)ood menu.

Otherwise, you can also disallow a dupe or all the dupes from taking them, and allow them to make them. At this point you can use a couple of doors and door permission along with automation to then flip flop over to allow access via automation and the consumables.

You would use clock timers and SR gates to, say, open the general purpose door to the medicine closet every 3rd cycle for example. This would allow some exposure to germs while disallowing access to the meds for a set amount of time. This would not solve the threshold request. Your dupes either need meds or they don't. It sounds like they take them willy nilly for no reason. So, ...

Actual automation methods would vary, but the use of SR gates triggered via the clock sensor once daily and perhaps a XOR+AND to hold a door closed might due the trick. It's relatively cheap material - you just have to have the research done for it - and that's not always the case in early germ exposure.

The only problem with the original idea is that last time I checked, or at least last time I had a major problem with germs, immunity degredation went above ( or was falling more 35% with some of my dupes due to multiple sources of or continuous exposure. Albeit, this was in the germs upgrade. So that may have changed since then.

I have always micro managed medicine and germs, so the threshold idea sounds good to me.

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