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Hamlet Suggestions Thread

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Hello all :) I hope you're enjoying Hamlet as much as I am! After spending some time in a Hamlet world, I think I'm ready to post my thoughts on some possible alterations that could improve the experience (for me as least). I also welcome people to add their own suggestions and/or comment on the contents of this post.

1: My first major death occurred because the ghosts spawned in the Ancient Pig Ruins by the Aporkalypse repeatedly set off pressure plate in every room I entered, causing me to be brutally murdered by dart traps whilst looking for the calendar :p I know the Aporkalypse is meant to be dangerous, but floating non-corporeal being setting off pressure plates seems a bit unrealistic to me.

2: Currently the Ancient Herald does not drop anything, but at the end of his death animation his cloak falls to the floor. It would be interesting if his cloak was added as an item for defeating him.

3: Thunderhats do not feel as though they are too worthwhile making. One could use it to take Iron Ore from the Thundernests without the Thunderbirds damaging them with thunder. Unfortunately since the hat can only take 10 lightning strikes, and each Thunderbird is liable to shock you up to 3 times, they do not last very long. It is far easier and beneficial to make a Snakeskin Hat for lightning protection. Also, since Iron Ore can be mined infinitely from Iron Hulks, one need not go near the nests.

4: Bug B'Gone is an interesting item, but I feel as though the radius of the gas cloud it produces could be a big larger. While the Gas Mask allows you to stand in the cloud without being hurt, from my experience the Rabid Beetles are still sometimes able to damage me whilst I am standing in the gas. I've found that it's much easier to wear a protective helmet and run around the gas cloud instead as that usually results in me taking a lot less damage.

5: I feel as though the Dark Sword and Cutlass Supreme should not both be worth 50 oincs, as the Cutlass Supreme is obviously superior (same damage but with no sanity drain and 50% extra durability).

6: It would be nice if you could create a water reservoir that fills up when it rains (or perhaps if you give it ice), so that you can connect it to a sprinkler without relying on the position of water on the map. Mostly I like the idea of having a sprinkler on my lawn in the Pig City :) The idea was mostly inspired by the Quacken Drill in Shipwrecked allowing you to create your own source of Tar.

7: The visual effect of the fog seems a bit extreme. I think it would be much more reasonable if it was similar to the ash clouds caused by the volcanic eruptions in Shipwrecked.

8: Swashy Hats! The streets of my town are littered with Swashy Hats haha. The thieves are quite common, and the hat is a guaranteed drop, so you end up with a lot of them. Plus, because Hamlet relies on swapping out hats a lot (Pith Hat, Gas Mask, Cowl, Cork Candle Hat, etc), I find myself not using them up.

9: I think it would be more logical to make the Weevole Mantle a Science Machine tier item, instead of Alchemy Engine. The ingredients to craft it can be scavenged from mobs fighting each other early on, and coupled with the fact that it offer the same protection as a Grass Suit, it seems that player may not want to make it once they were able to make an Alchemy Engine.

10: It would be a cool tribute to The Legend of Zelda if having a Compass in your inventory had some kind of effect whilst in the Ancient Pig Ruins. Like showing certain treasures on the map for example, or perhaps revealing rooms that have an exit.

That's all for now. Thanks to anyone that read my suggestions!

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