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  1. I can confirm that this is also happening to me. When attempting to plant a big field of crops using Wormwood's ability to plant seeds anywhere without a farm plot, I noticed that my seed collection ran out rather quickly and permanently To remedy this I tried to generate renewable seeds by feeding crops to a bird in a bird cage (I had to restart the game to capture a bird), but I later discovered that Wormwood cannot plant seeds for specific crops due to the following bug:
  2. According to another post by the developers (see link), it is deliberate that they grow back whenever you exit and re-enter the ruins.
  3. As can be seen in the screenshot, a Lost Relic statue spawned on top of the End's Well. This makes it so that I cannot interact with the End's Well as the statue has a higher priority focus. I also cannot reach the statue to destroy it with a pick axe as the larger collision detection of the End Well prevents me from getting close enough to the statue.
  4. I've also noticed that it happens in the Mant Hills as well. Even when the earthquakes quite the doors to shift, you can still use ones you've been through before.
  5. I was playing as Warbucks (max health 150), with a single Meat Effigy, reducing my max health 120. After exiting the game in a Mant Hill and reloading it later, I noticed that my max health was 90 instead. I destroyed the Meat Effigy and my max health increased back to 120, but now it permanently decreased and I have no effigy. (Note: I also have an active Magic Flower) Out of curiosity, does anyone know if there is a console command that can undo the health loss of the effigy? I assume after looking in the code it's something like: GetPlayer().components.health:SetPenalty(0) Edit: Alas, that command seems to be for Don't Starve Together. I went into tuning.lua and set EFFIGY_HEALTH_PENALTY = 30 to EFFIGY_HEALTH_PENALTY = 0, which works as a temporary fix. However, after saving and quitting, I set to back to 30 again and reloaded the file again only to have my health decrease again. This implies to me that the game thinks there is a Meat Effigy somewhere that I cannot find using c_gonext("resurrectionstatue"). Could it possibly be in another 'dimension'? Hamlet certainly has no shortage of sub areas.
  6. I have also experienced this, mostly when entering and exiting my house.
  7. If you enter your house (or perhaps other buildings as well), while having Royal Guard followers, they will become stuck inside the building once their Defense Contracts run out. They will then attempt to return to their guard towers by repeatedly running into the corner (see screenshot). You can remove them by killing them or giving them another contract and leaving the house, causing them spawn with you outside.
  8. I've experienced similar events. Out of curiosity, are you using a mouse + keyboard or a gamepad? I thought it might have been letting me through because I was using a gamepad, but I haven't tested it with a mouse yet.
  9. Yes, I do use R2 sometimes when I'm micromanaging inventory stuff. I use it a lot for the sewing kit and refuelling lanterns etc. I noticed that normally when you try to place an item on top of another item in an inventory, it swaps the item that was stored with the one you were "holding". However, the shelves do not act this way; instead, it will simply make a noise indicating that the item cannot be placed in there (like invalid crock pot ingredients). Most likely my inventory was full when I wanted to take something from the shelf, so I used R2 to try and pick up an item from my inventory to swap out for the item on the shelf. I will try to avoid this in future and drop an item on the floor instead
  10. To add some further information, I took a Mant Helmet and Mant Armor from the shelf. I then went to the Mant Hill and back home again. When I got home the armor was on the shelf again, but I was also wearing it, so I effectively duplicated the items.
  11. Pretty recent I guess. I only starting playing Hamlet 3 or 4 days ago.
  12. Done The gas mask is currently in my inventory. I also mentioned in the report that I noticed similar behaviour with a Razor. After taking it off the shelf it could no longer be used to trim hedges (or use any D-Pad options such as Drop).
  13. Upon further investigation, it definitely seems to be related to the shelves that can be placed in houses. When you highlight an item in one of those shelf inventories, the only option is "Pick Up", but taking it from the shelf seems to keep that as the only option.
  14. When pressing B on a gamepad to smelt 4 Iron Ore, the character say something like "I cannot do this" (see screenshot). Disabling the gamepad and using the mouse + keyboard to smelt works fine.