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  1. Hello all I hope you're enjoying Hamlet as much as I am! After spending some time in a Hamlet world, I think I'm ready to post my thoughts on some possible alterations that could improve the experience (for me as least). I also welcome people to add their own suggestions and/or comment on the contents of this post. 1: My first major death occurred because the ghosts spawned in the Ancient Pig Ruins by the Aporkalypse repeatedly set off pressure plate in every room I entered, causing me to be brutally murdered by dart traps whilst looking for the calendar I know the Aporkalypse is meant to be dangerous, but floating non-corporeal being setting off pressure plates seems a bit unrealistic to me. 2: Currently the Ancient Herald does not drop anything, but at the end of his death animation his cloak falls to the floor. It would be interesting if his cloak was added as an item for defeating him. 3: Thunderhats do not feel as though they are too worthwhile making. One could use it to take Iron Ore from the Thundernests without the Thunderbirds damaging them with thunder. Unfortunately since the hat can only take 10 lightning strikes, and each Thunderbird is liable to shock you up to 3 times, they do not last very long. It is far easier and beneficial to make a Snakeskin Hat for lightning protection. Also, since Iron Ore can be mined infinitely from Iron Hulks, one need not go near the nests. 4: Bug B'Gone is an interesting item, but I feel as though the radius of the gas cloud it produces could be a big larger. While the Gas Mask allows you to stand in the cloud without being hurt, from my experience the Rabid Beetles are still sometimes able to damage me whilst I am standing in the gas. I've found that it's much easier to wear a protective helmet and run around the gas cloud instead as that usually results in me taking a lot less damage. 5: I feel as though the Dark Sword and Cutlass Supreme should not both be worth 50 oincs, as the Cutlass Supreme is obviously superior (same damage but with no sanity drain and 50% extra durability). 6: It would be nice if you could create a water reservoir that fills up when it rains (or perhaps if you give it ice), so that you can connect it to a sprinkler without relying on the position of water on the map. Mostly I like the idea of having a sprinkler on my lawn in the Pig City The idea was mostly inspired by the Quacken Drill in Shipwrecked allowing you to create your own source of Tar. 7: The visual effect of the fog seems a bit extreme. I think it would be much more reasonable if it was similar to the ash clouds caused by the volcanic eruptions in Shipwrecked. 8: Swashy Hats! The streets of my town are littered with Swashy Hats haha. The thieves are quite common, and the hat is a guaranteed drop, so you end up with a lot of them. Plus, because Hamlet relies on swapping out hats a lot (Pith Hat, Gas Mask, Cowl, Cork Candle Hat, etc), I find myself not using them up. 9: I think it would be more logical to make the Weevole Mantle a Science Machine tier item, instead of Alchemy Engine. The ingredients to craft it can be scavenged from mobs fighting each other early on, and coupled with the fact that it offer the same protection as a Grass Suit, it seems that player may not want to make it once they were able to make an Alchemy Engine. 10: It would be a cool tribute to The Legend of Zelda if having a Compass in your inventory had some kind of effect whilst in the Ancient Pig Ruins. Like showing certain treasures on the map for example, or perhaps revealing rooms that have an exit. That's all for now. Thanks to anyone that read my suggestions!
  2. I can confirm that this is also happening to me. When attempting to plant a big field of crops using Wormwood's ability to plant seeds anywhere without a farm plot, I noticed that my seed collection ran out rather quickly and permanently To remedy this I tried to generate renewable seeds by feeding crops to a bird in a bird cage (I had to restart the game to capture a bird), but I later discovered that Wormwood cannot plant seeds for specific crops due to the following bug:
  3. Vine doors reset

    According to another post by the developers (see link), it is deliberate that they grow back whenever you exit and re-enter the ruins.
  4. As can be seen in the screenshot, a Lost Relic statue spawned on top of the End's Well. This makes it so that I cannot interact with the End's Well as the statue has a higher priority focus. I also cannot reach the statue to destroy it with a pick axe as the larger collision detection of the End Well prevents me from getting close enough to the statue.
  5. I've also noticed that it happens in the Mant Hills as well. Even when the earthquakes quite the doors to shift, you can still use ones you've been through before.
  6. I was playing as Warbucks (max health 150), with a single Meat Effigy, reducing my max health 120. After exiting the game in a Mant Hill and reloading it later, I noticed that my max health was 90 instead. I destroyed the Meat Effigy and my max health increased back to 120, but now it permanently decreased and I have no effigy. (Note: I also have an active Magic Flower) Out of curiosity, does anyone know if there is a console command that can undo the health loss of the effigy? I assume after looking in the code it's something like: GetPlayer().components.health:SetPenalty(0) Edit: Alas, that command seems to be for Don't Starve Together. I went into tuning.lua and set EFFIGY_HEALTH_PENALTY = 30 to EFFIGY_HEALTH_PENALTY = 0, which works as a temporary fix. However, after saving and quitting, I set to back to 30 again and reloaded the file again only to have my health decrease again. This implies to me that the game thinks there is a Meat Effigy somewhere that I cannot find using c_gonext("resurrectionstatue"). Could it possibly be in another 'dimension'? Hamlet certainly has no shortage of sub areas.
  7. Pigeon in bird trap

    I have also experienced this, mostly when entering and exiting my house.
  8. If you enter your house (or perhaps other buildings as well), while having Royal Guard followers, they will become stuck inside the building once their Defense Contracts run out. They will then attempt to return to their guard towers by repeatedly running into the corner (see screenshot). You can remove them by killing them or giving them another contract and leaving the house, causing them spawn with you outside.
  9. I'm on day 147 now, and when the bats come they basically cover the entire screen :/ I just run around and hope that other mobs kill them
  10. I've experienced similar events. Out of curiosity, are you using a mouse + keyboard or a gamepad? I thought it might have been letting me through because I was using a gamepad, but I haven't tested it with a mouse yet.
  11. Gas Mask Options Removed

    Yes, I do use R2 sometimes when I'm micromanaging inventory stuff. I use it a lot for the sewing kit and refuelling lanterns etc. I noticed that normally when you try to place an item on top of another item in an inventory, it swaps the item that was stored with the one you were "holding". However, the shelves do not act this way; instead, it will simply make a noise indicating that the item cannot be placed in there (like invalid crock pot ingredients). Most likely my inventory was full when I wanted to take something from the shelf, so I used R2 to try and pick up an item from my inventory to swap out for the item on the shelf. I will try to avoid this in future and drop an item on the floor instead
  12. For some reason the usual options when highlighting the Gas Mask with a gamepad (such as Inspect, Equip, Drop, etc) have been replaced with one saying "Pick Up" (See screenshot). Pressing the button seems to then make the character walk in a random direction. The mask can still equipped by moving it over to the head slot but there is no way of dropping it other than storing it an external inventory.
  13. Gas Mask Options Removed

    To add some further information, I took a Mant Helmet and Mant Armor from the shelf. I then went to the Mant Hill and back home again. When I got home the armor was on the shelf again, but I was also wearing it, so I effectively duplicated the items.
  14. When pressing B on a gamepad to smelt 4 Iron Ore, the character say something like "I cannot do this" (see screenshot). Disabling the gamepad and using the mouse + keyboard to smelt works fine.
  15. Gas Mask Options Removed

    Pretty recent I guess. I only starting playing Hamlet 3 or 4 days ago.
  16. Gas Mask Options Removed

    Done The gas mask is currently in my inventory. I also mentioned in the report that I noticed similar behaviour with a Razor. After taking it off the shelf it could no longer be used to trim hedges (or use any D-Pad options such as Drop).
  17. Gas Mask Options Removed

    Upon further investigation, it definitely seems to be related to the shelves that can be placed in houses. When you highlight an item in one of those shelf inventories, the only option is "Pick Up", but taking it from the shelf seems to keep that as the only option.
  18. While I can bundle items together using Bundling Wrap with a mouse and keyboard just fine, using controller support doesn't seem to work. You can 'use' the Bundling Wrap and then place items inside the inventory, but there is no command to "Wrap" using the controller. There is only an option to Inspect or "Close", which cancels the wrapping process and returns the separate items to your inventory.
  19. Was it during a storm or Hurricane Season? I believe that halves the effectiveness of both Spyglasses. (source, second paragraph)
  20. Sorry for making you feel that way, it certainly wasn't my intention. Don't Starve is just kinda one of those games where you make something, and you think to yourself "... what is this?", and I think that can add to the charm of the game. It encourages research (looking on the wiki), deduction (looking at the item description and appearance in the crafting menu), and experimentation (using it and hoping for the best). It's like you know you have a frog sandwich, but you're looking at a Froggle Bunwich
  21. The names Particulate Purifier and Endothermic Fire make sense regarding their functions, the only downside is that they use scientific terminology that may not be known to all players, especially those whose first language is not English. For example, an Endothermic reaction is one that typically absorbs heat energy from its surrounding, which makes sense in the case of Don't Starve because you feel cooler near the reaction; heat is absorbed. Particulate is a bit of a stranger one; it refers to microscopic chucks of liquid or solid matter suspended in the air or atmosphere. When a building is burning and firefighters wear Gas Masks, it is to protect them against particulate (ash in the air) and gaseous hazards (smoke). Purifier just means a device that make something impure no longer dangerous, or at least cleaner. My main concern is that the Particulate Purifier would only work on particulates and not gas, whereas a Gas Mask would work on both, but that's just me being very picky as a scientist. So both names make sense, I think they just wanted to go along with the theme of the game, which features a genius inventor/scientist as the 'main' character Simply put, the names they chose are more interesting than 'Gas Mask'. Sorry for the boring science lesson, I do agree with you that the change is a little unneeded perhaps, but I support their decision to try and make the game wackier and more whimsical.
  22. I planned some Coffee Plants on the Overworld (Ocean World), fertilized them with Ash and then harvested coffee beans from them one time. I then went to and entered the Volcano. After leaving the Volcano and return to the island with the coffee plants, I found that they had all withered and needed fertilizing again despite only yielding one set of beans. If I stay on the Overworld I can harvest about 3 sets of beans before the plants need fertilizing again. All of this took place during the middle of Hurricane Season. This behaviour also occurs when you reload the save file.
  23. When I equip an item which has a reticule (such as the Star Caller's Staff or The Lazy Explorer) because of using an XBOX Controller, and then switch to a different weapon/hand slot item, it causes the client to crash. I wasn't using any Mods at the time. NOTE: Doing these actions works fine in a Shipwrecked DLC file, but doing so in a Reign of Giants or Regular Don't Starve file will crash the game as long as the reticule appears due to using the Gamepad control scheme. The image below shows Wilson using the Star Caller's Staff and the reticule appearing, prior to using Right D-Pad on the controller to equip the Walking Cane. The image below shows the resulting error screen I will also include my log.txt file log.txt Thanks for any help