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Cae's DS art dumps,,


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basically just where i'll put some art & doodles of don't starve.

i'll start it off with some 


(wx bee inspired by the art stream doodle last week by my stinky request)


i like winona as a character but i still play wilson or willow a lot,


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On 1/26/2019 at 9:43 PM, minespatch said:

These are really cute! The Winona piece is probably the closest to the game style but all of them really show off your technique.

I like playing Wilba a lot these days but I'm still a Wilson main.:wilson_smile:

thanks! i'm trying to flex out my art with don't starve, but it isn't working out too well.

the shot for this one is kinda weird since i drew it in school, and it's also reflecting off my regular style. but have a wilson!

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On 2/4/2019 at 11:07 PM, minespatch said:

I'm guessing you theorize that the rose decorations are ceramic or plastic?

Why's Winona terrified/worried?

actually, nope! 

also that's just her usual eyebrows haha (or willow wants to burn something again)

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5b4315e2ebd79_wxundercoverwiththebees.png.4d4ba84d6255f3e233809a23704e31b6.pngDid someone say bee-brand Wx?

Nice color palettes on both. The yellow in Forelorn Willow's eyes is a nice choice for the background and lace and a interesting choice of red for her outfit. While the slashed hash lines on the wx piece infer the bee theme. The pattern could also work with another skin for Woodie.

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11 hours ago, minespatch said:

I love how Wormwood's cactus legs are basically nubs in the skin.:wilson_ecstatic:

Daaaw, he's trying to hug da chestah.

kskmams yeaa,, hutch would be easier to hug because he has harder skin.

also, here's a doodle i did the other day to test my improvement. left drawing was the first post on the thread


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