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Seeing modded-in skins everywhere

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Hey! Haven't been following community too much for quite some time, then Hamlet dropped and I'm all back!
I remember that months ago when mods adding skins from DST into DS were brought up the devs didn't really comment on that and no one was certain if it's okay to use them or not. This doesn't really seem like doing a bad thing, but for some reason I remember it being one? Can't put my finger on it, though.

Now I see skins everywhere, all the people posting screenshots here, a lot of them use some skins. Are there even any public mods for that or is everyone just making their own small mods for desired skins and not really being vocal about it (besides uploading screenshots in threads dedicated to various things)?


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Skins are inclusively for don't starve together so I doubt it goes against anything. On the other hand, if he made it for don't starve together that would be an other story and he shouldn't do that. Don't know why you guys riding on this topic, if klei pleases they can take it down but in a form like this it doesn't hurt anyone. By this logic might as well start kill off the hamlet mods in don't starve together or the shipwrecked mod. Please just stop this if you don't want klei to become a **** to the modders and start to take down mods more frequently. It's good as it is now.

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