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Bring back the grunting and exhasperated sounds during movement

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Minespatch, I could not agree more with you! They help a lot with immersion and world building.

We have plans of bringing character vocalizations back but at present I cannot say when exactly. Don't expect them before official release later this year though. We want to rework them from the ground up and make them as awesome as we can!

Thank you for your feedback and I hope you are enjoying the game nonetheless :) 


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On 2/19/2019 at 1:49 PM, GiacomoF said:

I am specifically talking about reworking the grunt sounds from the ground up

Thanks so much for the confirmation and I'm sorry for taking a while back to respond.

I'm hoping to play again once I get a laptop compatible controller so I can play the game without a keyboard.:wilson_ecstatic:

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