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Little question for the update, and my opinion

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For those who do not like the changes, will you continue to play the game (I think there will be a mod to bring the ancient colors) ?

Personally, painted turf, forest turf, claw trees, and tubers do not bother me. I even find that the new colors are better than the old ones, I found the Thunderbird grass horrible, I was rather indifferent to tubers. I often confused claw trees with other trees that give logs, problem solved: D, I found that the old were "rough", the colors were confused. The first time I saw the Thunderbird turf, I hallucinated, I said to myself, "It's not very beautiful, it's not what Klei is used to," I knew it was for the exotic side. I think it has been attenuated, then I'm not a fan of the lawn of the forest, but it's ok, plus green is my favorite color so it suits me. I do not think these green / blue colors are better for the exotic style, but they have softened the old colors I did not like. For those who do not, I hope that Klei will leave you the choice, because it's a shame not to have an optimal gaming experience because of colors that do not suit you, if I were in your place I would do the same.

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