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Mushroom/Sleet Wheat Farm: 96 tiles, 35 farm spots, automated

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This is my first post here and I don't know if this greenhouse is any better than what people use, so be gentle. Or don't.

As a disclaimer, I haven't used this for wheat but I imagine it would work just as well with some very obvious tweaks. The calorie output is tremendous, especially with a working farm station. 

Room overlay:


Normal view:


Some explanation:

Basically a few rows of mushrooms with some carefully placed shipping contraptions. The scary-looking pump at the top is hooked up to the output of two NOT gates, which are in turn hooked to two gas element sensors set to detect CO2. This is chiefly to vent the po2 farts given off by slime - which is absolutely a non-issue once you get high-pressure vents (see lower right corner) and can overpressurize the room with CO2. This is what the atmo sensor is responsible for, placed sort of in the middle of the room, linked to the shutoff right before the vent, and set to 2500g. The room will still totally work if you don't have the means to overpressurize. I did my my best to run the slime tracks in solid tiles, but there will be a poof every now and then so expect the pump to go off sometimes, and be able to supply fresh CO2. 

I have some rock pipes in the background, forming a radiator and running some of the po2 from my base cooling loop to keep the temp below 30C. This might not be necessary for you, and you'll definitely want to rethink that for sleet wheat. :p

Conveyor view. Simple as it gets, slime comes in, mushrooms go out.


Automation view. The door does not have to be hooked up to the atmo sensor, but it was on the way and I use it as a visual indicator to see when the room is being filled. 


Power view: j/k. Plug stuff in.

What else? You don't need so many freaking airflow tiles at the top, I was just feeling metal-rich and wanted the uniform look. The point is to have good airflow below, and then direct the light po2 (if any) to the pump's general vicinity, or at least out of the way.

Use a liquid lock on the other side (or in place) of the airlock.

Credit to Juicy on the discord for telling me to put that door in the bottom middle. It got the room from 34 to 35 farm tiles. Who knew that while being solid as far as room size calculations go, pneumatic doors let sweepers work through them.


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looks nice but it's a little too complex and you shouldn't have to worry about PO2 anyways, mushrooms only need the bottom tile to be covered in CO2 to grow so it's possible to grow them in just 1 layer allowing Oxygen and PO2 to rise above allowing your farmers to breath

also it's good to keep the farmer's station near the center to reduce dupe travel time


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1 hour ago, biopon said:
2 hours ago, Neotuck said:

a little too complex

Yeah but I have 5 more farm tiles than you do

My measure was always how fast my dupes would be able to harvest +/- fertilize.

So if I want to use a farm station I build little linear farms just covered by a single autosweeper.

(But I only go the extra mile for pincha pepper or sleet wheat .


=> I like to min-max for duplicant efficiency

(Don´t want to talk bad about your design, it´s just optimized for an other aspect)

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Why do you have the airlock and the vent at the bottom of the room? CO2 is the heaviest gas and will tend to flow downwards.

Right now your setup means the CO2 won't be dispersed efficiently, and you'll be constantly leaking CO2 every time dupes access the farm.

Personally for a multilevel slime farm I would just have multiple normal vents to disperse CO2 efficiently and ensure you never have to worry about offgassing.

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5 hours ago, Arcus2611 said:

Why do you have the airlock and the vent at the bottom of the room? CO2 is the heaviest gas and will tend to flow downwards.

The vent is below so the po2 is encouraged to find its way to the pumps. And since I have the pump at the top, it'd have been counterproductive to put the vent topside.

I'm glad you were able to get the right pressure with normal vents. 

As for the airlock, it doesn't matter where it is.



Before visco-gel I used a conventional liquid lock.



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