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If theres one thing I want added to Hamlet or Don't starve in general its better tools the best tools, and weapons can be gotten on day 3 if you try hard enough.

now if you didn't know in hamlet flint is rare late game, and gold is a luxury for many reasons they're barely renewable, and those sources are tedious or just not worth it in the long run do you want a renewable source of flint you have a couple options either use dung beetles or using gnat mounds. Since gnat mounds spawn gnats which suck there not really worth is so dung beetles is your only option they spawn from dung piles, and create dung balls from them which destroys them in the process which would make them unrenewable, but theres a way to get more roc will ahem.. "Create" them when flying over which is a pain. You can also get flint from shops which happens to be the only renewable source of gold, and its not worth it at all if you want to create a luxury axe for some reason that would cost you 20 oincs to get 1 axe which doesn't sound to bad, but flint would only cost 3 oincs for 4 axes which is the same durability so not worth you cash unless your rich. 

Which is why I propose a forge/anvil 

the forge is a station designed specifically for creating weapons and tools could be a little mini game where the better you do the better the item. 

first you melt alloy into a mold for the tool you want after a while your character will notify you either from an examine or just a notification that its ready then you cool it down and start working on it you will hammer sharpen and create a handle for your tool depending on how well you did during the creation process whatever you made will have better properties such as more durability or damage to more interesting things such as faster swing speeds or speed boosts.


Possible stats or recipes


x5 cut stone x2 Red gems x1 hammer x4 alloy

things you could make 

Possible items

  • Pickaxes, shovels, axes and every other basic tool 

 x4 alloy x1 handle

  • Sword

 150 swings does 50 damage

 x2 alloy x1 handle

  • Spear

 40 damage Longer range

 x1 alloy x1 Long handle

  • Dual swords 

 Each sword does 40 damage and it has 300 hits

 Attack twice when attacking 

 x4 alloy x2 handles



  • Standard handle x4 sticks
  • Metal handle x2 iron

- heavy slows you down

- sturdy more durability

  • Long handle 

- same as metal but for spears

  • Regal Handle x1 alloy x2 gold

- sanity gain

- more durability

  • Hunters Handle x1 dragon scale x1 alloy x4 hounds teeth

- 10% damage bonus

  • Lightweight handle x2 sticks x1 orange gem

- lower durability

- swings faster 

  • Magic Handle x1 alloy x1 gold x1 red or blue gems

- right click while holding the tool will shoot fire or ice depending on the gem

- right click uses durability

  • Petrifying Handle x1 pugalisk skull x2 sticks x10 snakebones

- right click shoots petrifying rays

- while using right click drains sanity and using 1% per 3 seconds


I know this is not going to get into the game, but I like sharing my ideas including the ones that are pretty much implausible 

I'll add more later just got tired of writing 

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