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Printing Press. Morale suggestions.

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Hello Guys! (•ω•)

I gotta post this before it is too late, caz next update might be QoL MkII update!

Here I have an old but refined idea here - Let’s have some books!

Before that, we have to make sure what material we’ll use as papers...... May be wood (from trees) or simply some soft minerals.

(Actually I prefer wood.)

As well ink... I have an idea about inkberries... Edible, and you can make this into ink wine or make this a sauce for spaghetti (^ω^) Yum.


Ok, main contents:


1. The Printing Press

You won’t have any books until you have this machine!

This machine exclusively print books and other stuff (probably brainwashing propagandas and advertizements for the special events).

Consumes 60W/s power during operation.



2. Books

Here is the important part: How does it help increase morale?

Print some Joke Collections and put them into the bookselves in the recreation room, or a new independent room library (At least, quiet enough for reading). Duplicants will take a book from the shelves and enjoy their jokes! Morale bonus for joke books is +3 for 0.5 cycle (read jokes).

Other books, although they give less morale bonus (+1 only), they have other functions such as increasing attributes while not really attending  jobs to gain skill points.


Dupepedia (learning)

Farmer’s Handbook (farming)



3. Along, with some new traits:

Nerdy Bookworm

Gains extra +1 morale from reading. Learns skills 50% faster from books.


This duplicant never read books, as well learns less efficiently (learning -2)



4. Other morale-support ideas

Music Radio

Efficiency and morale bonus to nearby duplicants. Automatically turns off at night.


Not sure about how this works without a broadcast workshop, however it is a good idea.

More Beverages...

Sleet wheat beer, Inkberry wines, Mushroom soda, Bristle berry cider... Brainstorm new taste combinitions for drinks, besides relaxing espresso!


Your views and ideas?

Please comment! (•ω•)

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I like the book idea. I imagined something like that for idle time. Like having a bookshelf where dupes could read during free time and improve certain stats. (i also imagined a training bag to improve strength) The book would be one time use i guess so that you have to keep producing them.

To make a book of a certain kind you`d need a dupe at a top level in that job (seasoned farmer, seasoned miner, tenured scientist etc.) One would that give a reson to train farmers and ranches to seasoned ones and two it would give something scientist would do after all research is done.

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