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the MKI they have put a lot of new art items and now even lvl 5 artists can not do more masterpieces.

before I did not need the fixed artist job, only a dups that had a level above 3. now I do not know how much it would be.

I found the idea cool, the only thing I did not like is that if it makes a bad art I have to destroy the whole thing and rebuild it. For the builders for some reason they prioritize the art and it takes a lot of time to build them.

summing up what I wanted was an option to start again, and the art would be coined as a broken object, lessening the loss of time. so the artist could do it to a high level.

another option would be to make a construction so he could do the art in one place, and if it was good to transfer to the base.

tell me if you not understand something.



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For beginner artists you can just make an art room where they practice. Restrict the access to that room for artists only and your builders won`t waste time building/deconstructing statues. When artists get a higher level start filling the base with high level artwork.

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