Self-updating Server Startup Script - Linux

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Hello everyone!

Some time ago i started working on a script that fully automates the procedure of running and updating a server.

The following script is my as of now final result (fixes may occur if needed). It does the following in its current configuration:

  1. Update the game
  2. Start the Caves
  3. Start the Master
  4. Wait for 20 minutes
  5. Check for an update. If an update is
    • not needed, go to 4.
    • is needed, go to 6.
  6. Announce on the server that an update is needed and that the server will restart in 15 minutes
    • Repeat the warning 5 and 1 minute/s before the shutdown so every player can plan ahead
  7. Shut down the Caves
  8. Shut down the Master
  9. Go to 1.

You can also force a shutdown using the Ctrl + C command in the terminal window of the running script.

The log gets hidden away. If you need to check it, you must open the server_log.txt files.

If you followed this guide here, you should have everything correctly in place for the script to work.

Remember to change your_cluster_name to the folder name of your cluster in ~/.klei/DoNotStarveTogether.

For this script to work you need screen installed on your system, but chances are you already have it.


#### User Variables; Set your preferences ####




#### Script Variables; Do not modify ####


#### Functions ####

function needs_update() {
    latest_version=$(curl -s $klei_url | grep -Po "\s+\d{6,}$" | head -n 1)
    if [[ -e $lv_file ]]; then
        current_version=$(head -n 1 $lv_file)
    echo $latest_version > $lv_file
    if [[ $current_version -lt $latest_version ]]; then
        echo "1"
        echo "-1"

function exists() {
    if [[ ! -e $1 ]]; then
        failed "File/Dir not found: $1"

function failed() {
    echo "Error: $@" >&2
    exit 1

function command_m() {
    screen -S ${CLUSTER_NAME}_${MASTER_NAME} -p 0 -X stuff "$1^M"

function command_c() {
    screen -S ${CLUSTER_NAME}_${CAVE_NAME} -p 0 -X stuff "$1^M"

function stop_server() {
    command_m 'c_announce("Server stopped by force! Shutting down!")'
    sleep "2s"
    command_c 'c_shutdown()'
    command_m 'c_shutdown()'

    # The server gets 20 seconds to shutdown normally #
    sleep "20s"

    # Should the server still be running; Kill it #
    if screen -list | grep -q ${CLUSTER_NAME}; then
        command_c "^C"
        command_m "^C"
    exit 1

#### Script routine ####

trap stop_server 2

# Check for missing files #

exists "$DONT_STARVE_CLUSTER_DIR/$CLUSTER_NAME/cluster_token.txt"

# Check for an update beforehand #
needs_update 2>&1 >/dev/null

while [[ true ]]; do

    # Force an update #
    mv "$DONT_STARVE_DIR/mods/dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua" "$DONT_STARVE_DIR/mods/dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua.bak"
    echo "Start updating the game."
    steamcmd +force_install_dir $DONT_STARVE_DIR +login anonymous +app_update 343050 validate +quit
    mv "$DONT_STARVE_DIR/mods/dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua.bak" "$DONT_STARVE_DIR/mods/dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua"

    # Check for DST binary #
    exists "$DONT_STARVE_DIR/bin"

    # Run Shards #
    cd "$DONT_STARVE_DIR/bin"
    echo "Starting ${CAVE_NAME}."
    screen -d -m -S ${CLUSTER_NAME}_${CAVE_NAME} $DONT_STARVE_BIN -cluster $CLUSTER_NAME  -shard $CAVE_NAME
    echo "Starting ${MASTER_NAME}."
    # Checks for updates #
    while [[ true ]]; do
        # Check for updates every 20 minutes #
        sleep $CHECK_UPDATE_FREQ

        # If there is an update, we will start the shutdown process #
        if [[ $result -gt 0 ]]; then
            echo "The server needs an update. Will restart in 15 minutes."
            command_m 'c_announce("Klei released an update! The server restarts in 15 minutes!")'
            sleep "10m"
            command_m 'c_announce("Klei released an update! The server restarts in 5 minutes!")'
            sleep "4m"
            command_m 'c_announce("Klei released an update! The server restarts in 1 minute!")'
            sleep "1m"
            command_m 'c_announce("Restarting now!")'
            command_c 'c_shutdown()'
            command_m 'c_shutdown()'

    # We wait till the game shuts down #
    echo "Waiting for shards to shut down."
    while [[ true ]]; do
        if ! screen -list | grep -q ${CLUSTER_NAME}; then
            echo "Shards are down. Restarting."


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You know you can use builds.json (mentioned in here) file to get the version from the 'release' branch, right?

In Perl i get it like this:

sub getLast {
        my $release = 0;
        my $url = '';
        my $response = HTTP::Tiny->new->get($url);
        if ($response->{success}) {
                $release = decode_json($response->{content})->{'release'}[-1];
        return $release;

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