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I want a new disease and now I’m dare to suggest a flu.

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10 hours ago, Rainbowdesign said:

Whats the sense in terms of gameplay? How would it differ from slimelung?


It kills hatches.

It has a wider spread range.

It causes greater mess than other diseases.


For details please visit the post at the top.

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The vast majority of human diseases originate from livestock (at least initially) but not all are damaging the livestock itself...

Instead of deadlier version of slimelung I'd suggest implementing some variety in symptoms and transmission vectors, for example, The Hatch Flu you've suggested could be strictly airborne (so no surface contamination) and have a chance to infect upon Hatch grooming (sneezing should introduce the disease to the atmosphere for a short period), whereas other diseases might be transmitted via water, touch/surface or raw meat and eggs.

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It just hit me. Let it be a fatal flu as you've suggested but until they die let's have them sneeze and pass slime...don't know how to say it ... blow their nose?

quasi a slime farm without pufts but with a high price...the lifes of innocent hatches...muhahahhaha


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