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Aporkalypse Ghosts

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As the title states, I need a few tips dealing with the Ruins Ghosts during the Aporkalypse. I know that the only way to end the Aporkalypse is to find the Clock on the 5th island, but being Maxwell I am always too scared to go into the Ruins because of the sheer number of Ghosts. Every time I try and find the Clock, the Ghosts eat through my armour like... whatever it is that Ghosts eat. I come out with only half the HP I went in with. Could someone tell me a SAFE way to deal with all these Ghosts? 

P.S, I have already tried the Log Suit + Football Helmet + Dark Sword combo, and I still have trouble.

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Your best bet is to find the clock before the apocalypse actually starts, which can be done quite easily if you befriend some foxes to help you clear the ruin. As maxwell I'd also clear the traps that lead to the clock since you will need to visit it in the future. Take night armour and a helmet and a few healing items (easily bought from the healing shop), and you should be good to go!

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