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  1. No cloth = YOU ARE SCREWED

    You need the gas mask to search for the ruins that lead to the 5th island, so you can prevent the Aporkalypse.
  2. Pugalisk Wand

    Could be useful if you want to fight the Herald during the Aporkalypse, other than that Idk.
  3. My calendar is stuck, and what is worse is that now it is Aporkalypse, and I can't make it stop because the calander is unresponsive, making the game not playable.
  4. Using a Halberd also works, which is what I usually do since I run into ruins with that weapon equipped most of the time.
  5. You can, but it is harder now since the Mayor won't simply fall asleep. This gives you two options: either make him sleep somehow (panflute, sleeping darts, etc), or kill him. When I want to rush a start, I just farm 10 oincs, purchase 1x Security Contract, bribe the nearest pig gard and bring him inside to help me kill the mayor + the guards that come in to his rescue. You end up with your house, some pig skin and a couple halberds.
  6. Easily done buy purchasing 1x Security Contract, making the cost of your home only 10 oincs, down from 50.
  7. You could also steal the home declaration. xb
  8. In my current game there is a little edge of the map that is only accessible by boat, travelling through the pond. Would be cool if there was some sort of setpiece like this though, maybe have a few huts with Merms living there.
  9. Best mob in Hamlet

    I'm sure I missed a few, check the wiki page for Hamlet, it has a list for new mobs.
  10. Best mob in Hamlet

    Honestly I just love how the hippopotamoose is designed, as well as it's usefulness in fighting enemies, breaking down structures and farming wood. Not to mention you can build a certain cool little item with its drop hehe. You missed a few cool mobs though: - Masked Pig - I laughed so hard the first time this ****** showed up and stole my coins! - Guard Pig - Piko - Giant Grub - Pangolden - Platapine - Pog
  11. Moving base to Herald Island?

    Every 61 days at most I'd assume?
  12. It looks cooler on wild turf though.
  13. what is this?

    I have the same bug, only happens on the 5th island.
  14. Strange Set Piece

    Kind of wish it would always be there though, since you can't find any tallbirds in Hamlet otherwise. This way you can steal some eggs and raise some birdies on your spare time, cause havoc in hamlet haha.