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  1. Guards behaviour

    In my games they do.
  2. Guards behaviour

    If you pick up any items dropped by a dead guard, they consider it stealing.
  3. After you give the sceptor and crown to the Queen in exchange for keys, if you kill her she will drop them back, so you never really lose the items permanently.
  4. not a bad idea to stack some honey poultice, you can buy them in the spa shop, they do not spoil
  5. - peagawks its really easy, just corner them and take all feathers at once - if you find the thief hideout it will also always drop 2 feathers - if you want to rush azure feathers i usually just go around breaking pots (always bring a hammer if you go in the ruins!) - buy a bird trap, boomrang or darts from the weapon shot - deactivate traps in ruins to get blowdarts - make your own boomrang, not so hard
  6. The infinite overcharges you can get from WX means you don't need any light items to go into ruins, which is a big perk since it allows you to explore with a football helmet + a weapon in hand, not to mention how fast you move during it. These overcharges stack, so you can stack up for many days in one go, each bird zapps you 2-3 times when you go near. The overcharges are also pretty good to farm nightmare fuel since they drain your sanity, heal you up, and the movement + perma light gives you a nice edge to clear the night monster easily. The rain protection is easy to avoid, just equip football helmet + umbrella, both which are fairly easy to obtain. Gears might not be so easy to obtain early game, you need to find the 2nd island. However, when you do, it's just easy mode going forward. They cost 10 oincs each, and you can upgrade up to 400 HP lol.
  7. Possible to recover a dead world?

    Permanent death is part of the excitement of the game, don't you think?
  8. The same happened to me, made me stop playing for a couple days. Then one day I logged in again to try it and somehow clicking the button made the Aporkalypse stop. I could see the little edges of the circle twitch, even though the main picture didn't change, let's see if it takes around 60 days to restart again. It also reset my season to day 1 of Temperate, not sure if that's intended.
  9. For me I've been playing mostly WX, love it!
  10. Tax Collection

    Only for normal pig houses that you build. Shops or houses that already exist won't give you taxes. Honestly it's very little since each pig only gives +1 oinc, and it takes about 7 or 8 days for it to trigger.
  11. surviving the apocalypse from day one

    Was it changed? When Aporkalypse got implemented in the middle of my game, it turned into a permanent full night.
  12. surviving the apocalypse from day one

    Shouldn't it be permanently night? How can you see without any lights?
  13. No cloth = YOU ARE SCREWED

    You need the gas mask to search for the ruins that lead to the 5th island, so you can prevent the Aporkalypse.
  14. Pugalisk Wand

    Could be useful if you want to fight the Herald during the Aporkalypse, other than that Idk.