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Mechanized airlocks under meteor scanner

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Hi all,

I have tried to find out whether this has been asked and answered in other threads, but nothing I searched for came up with an answer, so I figured I would ask it here.

Basically, I am trying to automate mechanized airlocks under my meteor scanners, so that they open for a brief period after the scanner gives the all-clear signal, drop the accumulated regolith and then close shortly afterwards. I have wasted so much time assigning dupes to do this manually and, if they failed to get the job done in time, then repair the meteor damage that resulted from unclosed bunker doors.

But I cant seem to get the automation right, so I was wondering if any of you had already tried to do this and, if so, how you achieved it.

Any help would be much appreciated, cheers!

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Automation for my regolith door crushers and scanner door floors looks like this:5c0d0e8dd82e5_OxygenNotIncludedScreenshot2018_12.09-13_35_39_28.thumb.jpg.e51d4ab65effc9596ac4c696a20c60f9.jpg

It's a simple circuit that gives an ACTIVE pulse for a set duration whenever the input changes. I set the filter to 60s, buffer to 20s so the door is open long enough to have all regolith fall through. The input signal activates only after the bunker doors opened, to start crushing regolith.


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Thanks, @Sigma Cypher, I will check that thread out - seems like none of the search terms I was using came up with that one.

@Bomato, this looks like exactly what I was after! I will give it a try later on - thanks a lot for this! :D


One thing I wondered though, is the input signal just coming from the scanners directly, or is there something else going on off-screen?

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@Neotuck So the signal goes from the scanner to the

1) NOT gate, to the

2) buffer gate, then round to the

3) filter gate, then splits and one side goes to the

4) 2nd filter gate, where it meets up at the XOR gate before triggering the airlock to open.

Thanks for this, it actually looks a lot more like the kind of setup I am looking for. I want all the regolith and iron to fall through so the auto sweepers can do their job, and the dupes don't have to.

Could you tell me what each of the buffers and filters you have set to please?


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1 hour ago, r0r said:

Could you tell me what each of the buffers and filters you have set to please?

old save and can't find it

From what I remember the buffer gate after the NOT gate was 60s, this is optional and did it to add extra time for the solar panels to be exposed to light


The first filter gate is set to the time it takes for bunker doors to open and regolith to fall though, try 60s first then adjust as needed


The second filter gate is for how long it takes unpowered mech doors to open, 10s should be enough



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