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  1. Looks interesting! I see a blob of what looks like petroleum or polluted water on the miner, and then below you’re pumping in cold gas from elsewhere, and when it hits a certain threshold, the airlock opens to vent it, and the process starts again? Is that correct? Which gas and pressure threshold are you using? in my case, I attached robo miners vertically to walls so they don’t get buried in regolith, so your method might not work for me, but it is food for thought, as it were. They seem to be exchanging heat with the ground for me. I noticed that that everything in the space layer has been heating up much faster since the QoL1 upgrade. I had to abandon a mini base I’d built near my rocket silo because it was overheating and scalding any dupes not in exo suits, no matter which surface they touched (toilet, sink, doors, beds, etc). Plus my asteroid is going to drown in all the damn regolith! Yup, I noticed this too.
  2. That assumes you have access to Thermium yet, of course.
  3. There sure is a lot more regolith falling from the skies since the update. My robo-miners can’t keep up with all of it and are overheating and breaking, even if they’re made of steel. Guess I’m going to need to install mech airlocks and crush it all instead, right?