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Warbucks is finally an Explorer

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On this presentation of Hamlet's early access, we see Warbucks on the left. On his ancient banner, he poses with a Blunderbuss, he was supposed to be a hunter. Warbucks.jpg.19b0545bed673e1a861b22c4af3e06b2.jpg

But, Klei modified him as an explorer, I think they will keep him as an explorer because on the presentation picture and his new banner, he has an open mouth (he scary like that) and he is equipped with a shovel .


5c08d5edc0379_Warbuckssurunepelle.PNG.ad982577c65ed5fc134a0102e9febce8.PNGWarbucks with a shovel

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There's already a thread discussing his "censorship" that showed this off, they portrayed him as a Hunter in the Beta, and Early access, but they're recently showing off that they'd rather him be an explorer, as by the quote changes, change of title, and new portrait. 



I really don't see why people felt he needed censorship, and I liked his older stuff... But ah, well.

Also not 100% sure when the update that changes this is coming out, but I assume today, when Aporkalypse drops.


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2 hours ago, Spaartan said:

Pourtant, où va-t-il trouver la poudre à canon? L'explorateur donne de meilleurs points de départ à mon avis.

He could have some in his inventory from the beginning, or make some with nitre, charcoal and rotten egg, I'm not teaching you anything

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