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Changes the day-night cycle so that after night comes dawn, then a new day. It also adds a golden butterfly that can appear during dawn.

This mod is available on the Steam Workshop! Downloading it from there means it automatically updates when I release new versions.

What it does

Dawnbreak is a small mod that changes the cycle of the day. Instead of the game going day->dusk->night and then starting a new day, the game will go day->dusk->night->dawn.

The mod will dynamically take the expected dusk time for the day cycle and divide it by two. Half will remain as the normal dusk, and half will be moved to the dawn instead.

For now this has only some very minor implications. For one, it means that Beefalo will sleep through the dawn until the day begins, making it easier to skin them in the morning before they wake up. All similar events that normally happen between night and day will now happen between dawn and day instead (for example Spiders normally return to their nest between night and day, but will now do so between dawn and day instead).

In certain circumstances where dusk is an uneven number, such as 5, the time is split into 3 dusk and 2 dawn.

This mod will add a new type of golden butterfly that only appears during dawn (and extremely rarely). It will vanish as day comes. Capturing it or killing it will net one Gold Nugget.

How to install

Download the mod

Unzip it into steamapps/common/dont_starve/mods/

In the Mods menu in game, enable Dawnbreak and Dawnbreak - Golden Butterfly

What's New in Version v14   See changelog


  • v14
  • Golden Butterfly sub-mod is now a part of the main mod, no need to activate it as a separate mod
  • v13
  • Updated for Stuff Of Nightmares
  • v12
  • Updated for Hungry for your Hunger
  • Fixed issue preventing the golden butterfly submod from loading
  • v11
  • Updated for Strange New Powers
  • v10
  • Fixed an issue where if you climbed OUT of a cave during dawn, the game would set the current sunlight to "night", nothing.
  • v9
  • Updated for It's Not a Rock
  • v8
  • Fixed the Clock UI not showing dawn first day on load or new game
  • v7
  • Updated for Cave update
  • v6
  • Updated to Live Update
  • v5
  • Updated to End is Nigh patch
  • Added new known issue
  • v4
  • Added new sub-mod: HF_dawnbreak_goldenbutterfly
  • v3
  • Fixed crash that would occur when a player selected "Retry" after dying
  • Fixed display issue with clock that would occur when the duration of dawn differed from that of dusk
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User Feedback

Recommended Comments

Thank you for all your awesome mods, this one is simply the best addition to Don't Starve to have! I'm playing all sorts of mods, this one is my favourite. There is one thing that bothers me though - Dawnbreak (v16) is causing me light all around in the caves. It blacks out without fading (just like if somebody turned off the lights) a while after entering cave (doesn't depend on the time in the world - day/dusk/night/dawn). It happens on standalone, pc/win, Maxwell update version. No other mods active during this. Do you know what is happening?


Have fun making these mods, we're having much of it while playing with them!

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I am using RPG HUD neat 45 and Dawnbreak and it seems to work fine for me.  ^^   I have not gone into the caves yet but nothing else is going wrong.  :D

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So I just tried using RPG HUD and Dawnbreak and it seems to be working just fine. I think the trick is, if you're using one of the neat rpgs, to delete part of the code in the modmain.lua for RPG HUD that makes the bars present.

" everything between these two lines (including them)


-- Status Display



AddClassPostConstruct("screens/playerhud", StatusDisplayFix)


Then navigate to RPG HUD\scripts\widgets\ and delete badges.lua "


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Is it possible to make time pass by slower in-game as well? I always thought it'd be awesome to have a little more control over that and not just how it is shared

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Quite nice, always use this mod. One small nitpick, seems you've made things immediatly wake up during dawn, is it possible to make them continue to sleep for relatively random sets of time? I used to use this time to hunt Koalaphants but now they wake up as the sun /just/ rises It'd be nice if they would stay asleep for a little bit and wake up slowly.

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same nit, different pick, I'm starting to wonder why this mod is useful, it makes my days shorter in general, I would imagine dawn would have no negative penalties to my sanity, and some things should be still fast asleep. Instead it's a second dusk period that chews up more daylight than it saves.

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Hi! First of all : Awesome mod!

Can you add a config option to let us set the "ratio" between dusk and dawn please?

Let's say that actually it is "set" to 1/2 of the "normal" dusk time, it would be great to be able to choose between 1/3 1/4 or 1/5 of the "normal" dusk time for example!

Thanks for your time on this mod!

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Hello! Very interesting mod! I would suggest that the special butterfly drops Butter instead of a Gold Nugget. Depending on the rarity of the appearance of the special butterfly it could just have an increased chance of butter. Cheers!

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