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About This File

Stinger Pack: Full of stinging goodness!

Steam link

This mod will add many items that use bees and there stingers. Check the mod configuration page in DS to change item values.

Now with:


Poison damage is a DOT effect. By default it does 5 damage a tick(second) and lasts for 10 ticks. Mobs have resistance and armor against poison. The more armor they have the more hits it takes to poison them. So if you do not see the poison FX after hitting them a bunch you either have not passed their armor or they recovered from the buildup. The more resistance they have the smaller damage done.


Bee Stinger Trap

Like the tooth trap but easier to make. Start placing these bad boys to ward off intruders.

Default -

10 uses

20 damage

+- 80 poison dmg


  • Twigs
  • Rope
  • Stingers

Crown of Thorns

*Not implemented yet

Causes you and your attacker to take damage. Provides no armor buff.


*Not implemented yet

Several concoctions to help with your day to day.

  • Berserker Beelixir - Combat Enhancer
  • Obsession Beelixir - Increase Follower Loyalty
  • Lucid Beelixir - Boost Sanity


Driftwood Stinger

Default -

10 damage

+- 50 poison dmg


  • Boards
  • Cut Grass
  • Stingers

A board with a large stinger through it. Ouch it stings.


Any suggestions for this mod please comment.


What's New in Version 0.4.1b   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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Death Flower , like the other one who suggest this in steam . Bees and butterflies attracts then when they landed into the flower they will gonna die.

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