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  1. Wallflower: The Psychotic Flower

    This mod is a brand new character "Wallflower" with a new game mechanic, "Sunshine".
    Steam Link
    In Game:
    Wallflower is is very fragile character in mind and body. Since this little flower has had a psychotic break he can't seem to photosynthesize correctly.
    Starting -
    Hunger 100*
    Health 65*
    Sanity 50
    *Grow as you photosynthesize
    The Perks of Being a Wallflower:
    The Sun gives him strength.
    He can grab butterflies and bees without a net.
    You can cook and eat poop.
    Photosynthesis makes you shine at night.
    Sunshine provides insulation in the winter
    1st world Wallflower Problems:
    Really fragile at the start.
    Fire drains sanity.
    Food is limited to a few things that flowers like.
    Sunshine makes summer harder to deal with.
    Sunshine Feature:
    The player will need to manage his Sunshine Levels to keep him from dying too fast. Your meter will fill up during day and slower at dusk. The rate is affected by certain things.
    Supercharges Wallflower
    Makes Wallflower glow at night
    Keeps you warm in the winter and hotter in the summer
    Can be managed by sanity and shade.
    Make sure to photosynthesizes as much as possible before winter.
    Discharge before summer and keep some portable shade on you.
    Get a source of light and warmth that are not fire based.
    Try and stay out of the caves.
    I consider this a beta release. Wallflower has not been fully tested and will require some tweaks and improvements. Please comment with constructive suggestions on how to make him better (not easier or harder). I would like to have a balanced character.
    Some other things:
    Custom Dialog
    Loot drop on hurt
    Try not to murder trees
    Minimap Icon
    Configuration Options
    IMPORTANT: Fix Link
    There is currently a bug in the game that affects Wolfgang and Wallflower. Building too many effigies will crash your game. Wallflower has a soft limit of 2 because of his starting health. If you build 3 or more your game will crash when you die.
    Food Tuning:




  2. Stinger Pack

    Stinger Pack: Full of stinging goodness!
    Steam link
    This mod will add many items that use bees and there stingers. Check the mod configuration page in DS to change item values.
    Now with:

    Poison damage is a DOT effect. By default it does 5 damage a tick(second) and lasts for 10 ticks. Mobs have resistance and armor against poison. The more armor they have the more hits it takes to poison them. So if you do not see the poison FX after hitting them a bunch you either have not passed their armor or they recovered from the buildup. The more resistance they have the smaller damage done.

    Bee Stinger Trap
    Like the tooth trap but easier to make. Start placing these bad boys to ward off intruders.
    Default -
    10 uses
    20 damage
    +- 80 poison dmg
    Crown of Thorns
    *Not implemented yet
    Causes you and your attacker to take damage. Provides no armor buff.
    *Not implemented yet
    Several concoctions to help with your day to day.
    Berserker Beelixir - Combat Enhancer
    Obsession Beelixir - Increase Follower Loyalty
    Lucid Beelixir - Boost Sanity

    Driftwood Stinger
    Default -
    10 damage
    +- 50 poison dmg
    Cut Grass
    A board with a large stinger through it. Ouch it stings.
    Any suggestions for this mod please comment.


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  3. Resurrection Statue Fix

    If a character has the ability to modify its maximum health value it will trigger a crash if /when the player builds too many meat effigies.
    Stops certain characters from triggering the bug by stopping the ability to build Meat Effigies.
    Currently affects Wolfgang and some customer characters.
    If you would like your character added to the list please PM me. Currently the only way I know how (or care how) to add characters is by adding their lowest max health value to a list.