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Goio's abilities:

- Big Hunger: he can eat grass, rocks, wood gold nuggets and the nightmarefuel

- Strange metabolism: if you eat too much strange things, Goio will turn into what he has eaten!

- Indigestion: if he eats too much in a short time, an "accident" will happen! (Go at the end if you wanna know what the "accident" is xD) To reset the "stomach value" and preventing the "accident" you just have to wait.

It is increased by 1 each time you eat, and decreases by 1 each 7 seconds.

If you eat the red pill, the value resets to 0.


*Normal State:

Health: 150

Hunger: 180

Hunger rate: 1.2

Sanity: 120

Speed: 0.9

Attack: normal (1)

*Grass State:

Health: 75

Hunger: 180

Hunger rate: 0.9

Sanity: 120

Speed: 2.1

Attack: 0.5


- Vulnerable to fire

- Can build the Farmer Rod

*Wood State:

Health: 135

Hunger: 180

Hunger rate: 0.5

Sanity: 120

Speed: 0.8

Attack: 1.2


- Vulnerable to fire

- A bit resistent to cold

- Can build the Emergency Pinecone Kit

*Rock State:

Health: 375

Hunger: 180

Hunger rate: 1.5

Sanity: 120

Speed: 0.65

Attack: 1.5


- Resistent to fire

- A bit vulnerable to cold

- Can build the Rock Scepter

*Gold State:

Health: 135

Hunger: 180

Hunger rate: 1.2

Sanity: 400

Speed: 0.75

Attack: normal (1)


- Resistent to fire

- A bit vulnerable to cold

- Can build a Sort Of Philosopher's Stone

- Can build gold nuggets

- Cast light

- No sanity loss during night

- Less sanity loss when near negative auras

*Shadow state:

- 0.01 hunger loss

- not scared by enemies

- not scared by darkness

- can craft the shadow spear

- sanity goes down


- Farmer Rod: low attack, but can drop seeds when hit something. Can be built only in Grass State.

- Emergency Pinecone Kit: drops some pinecones in exchange of some hunger. Can be built and used only in Wood State.

- Rock Scepter: multitool: weapon, pickaxe, axe and hammer. Can be built only in rock state.

- A Sort Of Philosopher's Stone: Heal wounds, transforms rocks in gold nuggets. Can be built only in gold State.

- Shadow spear: drain enemies' health

- Blue pill: If Goio eats a blue pill, he changes back to the normal form.

- Red pill: calms the stomach, used to prevent "accidents".

What's New in Version 2.1   See changelog


  • - 2.1 bug fix

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