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  1. Wonnie Wames Wio

    - Horrible big portrait...
    All the people who helped, supported and encouraged me
    My brother Francesco (guitars)
    and SerJonSnow for his reviews
    Sorry if I forgot someone...
    W.W.W. starts with his guitar "Lady", an unbreakable weapon.
    He can use "Lady" to stun enemies with a "Chord".
    He can craft songs!
    There's 10 different songs, each one has a magic effect.
    Each time W.W.W. plays a song, he must wait 20 seconds to do that again.
    Song 01: Battle wounds
    Heals the player for 10 seconds.
    In those 10 seconds, whoever attacks the player get stunned.
    - Song 02 (Swing the Mjöllnir!):
    Attacks nearby mobs with some thunders.
    - Song 03 (Attack of the ghost headbangers)
    Spawns some ghost headbangers who attacks hostile mobs, helps player in chopping and mining
    - Song 04 ( 5 5 5 )
    Wonnie transforms into a beast.
    The beast can destroy everything and it can spawn fire. To do that you should hold Control while attacking something. Casting fire costs sanity.
    - Song 05 ( Demonic shopping )
    Summons the Demonic Shopkeeper. You can decide to give to him your blood (health+hunger) your gold (4 gold nuggets) or your food (3 meats). Giving him your blood will raise the chance of a positive effect of the spelle he's going to cast upon you. On the other side, giving him some meat, lowers that chance.
    Possible positive spells:
    - restore health, hunger and sanity,
    - Give items (not equippable items),
    - Clone some of your items (not equippable items, cannot clone guitar and songs! );
    - Give some tools (axe,pickaxe,hammer,shovel,pitchfork);
    - Increase items duration
    Possible negative spells:
    - Health, hunger and sanity loss (can't die),
    - Spawn enemies,
    - Spawn burning items (charcoal or slurtle slime),
    - Stole some of your items (not equippable items, cannot stole guitar and songs!),
    - Spawn Hell Monkeys,
    - Decrease items duration
    - Song 06 (Sound barrier molester)
    Summons the possessed amplifier.
    The possessed amplifier just follows the player. If activated, it will drain sanity, but scares and shoots at nearby mobs.
    - Song 07 (Hard Rock(s)!)
    Spawn some rocks that falls from the sky in the nearby mobs head.
    The bigger rocks smashes into pieces and deals 100 damage,
    the small ones, instead, deals 10 damage.
    - Song 08 (Don't sparkle)
    A red orb (blood) came out from nearby hostile mobs, when an orb touches the player, it refills his health or hunger.
    - Song 09 (???)
    It spawns one of the three musician souls. (Mini bosses)
    Kill those bosses to obtain a musician soul.
    When you have three musician souls, you can craft the "gran finale song", and use it to leave the DS world!
    - Song 10 (Gran finale)
    Leaves the DS world and go back to home. YEAH!




  2. Character - GOIO

    Goio's abilities:
    - Big Hunger: he can eat grass, rocks, wood gold nuggets and the nightmarefuel
    - Strange metabolism: if you eat too much strange things, Goio will turn into what he has eaten!
    - Indigestion: if he eats too much in a short time, an "accident" will happen! (Go at the end if you wanna know what the "accident" is xD) To reset the "stomach value" and preventing the "accident" you just have to wait.
    It is increased by 1 each time you eat, and decreases by 1 each 7 seconds.
    If you eat the red pill, the value resets to 0.
    *Normal State:
    Health: 150
    Hunger: 180
    Hunger rate: 1.2
    Sanity: 120
    Speed: 0.9
    Attack: normal (1)
    *Grass State:
    Health: 75
    Hunger: 180
    Hunger rate: 0.9
    Sanity: 120
    Speed: 2.1
    Attack: 0.5
    - Vulnerable to fire
    - Can build the Farmer Rod
    *Wood State:
    Health: 135
    Hunger: 180
    Hunger rate: 0.5
    Sanity: 120
    Speed: 0.8
    Attack: 1.2
    - Vulnerable to fire
    - A bit resistent to cold
    - Can build the Emergency Pinecone Kit
    *Rock State:
    Health: 375
    Hunger: 180
    Hunger rate: 1.5
    Sanity: 120
    Speed: 0.65
    Attack: 1.5
    - Resistent to fire
    - A bit vulnerable to cold
    - Can build the Rock Scepter
    *Gold State:
    Health: 135
    Hunger: 180
    Hunger rate: 1.2
    Sanity: 400
    Speed: 0.75
    Attack: normal (1)
    - Resistent to fire
    - A bit vulnerable to cold
    - Can build a Sort Of Philosopher's Stone
    - Can build gold nuggets
    - Cast light
    - No sanity loss during night
    - Less sanity loss when near negative auras
    *Shadow state:
    - 0.01 hunger loss
    - not scared by enemies
    - not scared by darkness
    - can craft the shadow spear
    - sanity goes down
    - Farmer Rod: low attack, but can drop seeds when hit something. Can be built only in Grass State.
    - Emergency Pinecone Kit: drops some pinecones in exchange of some hunger. Can be built and used only in Wood State.
    - Rock Scepter: multitool: weapon, pickaxe, axe and hammer. Can be built only in rock state.
    - A Sort Of Philosopher's Stone: Heal wounds, transforms rocks in gold nuggets. Can be built only in gold State.
    - Shadow spear: drain enemies' health
    - Blue pill: If Goio eats a blue pill, he changes back to the normal form.
    - Red pill: calms the stomach, used to prevent "accidents".




  3. CHARACTER Elinor

    11 - 04 - 2014 TWISTED WORLD RESTORED
    Why it was deleted? Idk. Probably it's because I'm an as♥♥♥le. :/
    Anyway, thanks to crockpot to make me notice that...
    NOTE: the switch between sanity and insanity it's a bit slower than the first version, that's because I changed the way the sanity is checked.
    Review (from Jar Dev)
    Elinor has a Mental Disease, her sanity always goes down.
    She have two personalities: sane and insane.
    When SANE:
    - Animals are not scared by her;
    - She can kiss animals: each kiss result in a bit of sanity or an item drop;
    - She restore more hunger from vegetables;
    - Can build: Heart Shaped Gem, Heart Amulet, Love Staff, Bird Gun, Bouquet, Clothes (pink, silver, gold, wedding).
    When INSANE:
    - Animals are scared;
    - Cannot kiss animals;
    - She deals a bit more damage;
    - She's a bit slower;
    - She have more hallucinations;
    - She is chased by ghosts;
    - Can build: Tragical Mistery Tool, Pain Tripper, Slaugh Me Do, Here Comes The Gun, Ob La Di Ob La BURN, Revolution 8, Tomorrow Never Comes.
    Clothes: slows down the sanity loss.
    Heart Shaped Gem: Ingredient.
    Love Staff: stops enemies and occasionally make them drop an item;
    Heart Amulet: slows down hunger and influence kisses;
    Bouquet: boomerang weapon, if used against bees, it stops them and spawn a flower;
    Bird Gun: turns enemies into birds.
    Tragical Mistery Tool: corrupted research machine.
    Slaugh Me Do: A Chainsaw. Does heavy damage and can cut trees with only one hit;
    Here Comes The Gun: shotgun. Deals a big damage if the target is near. Need to reload after every attack (you can do it quick by unequip and equip again)
    Ob La Di Ob La BURN: Sniper, ignite the target when killed.
    Revolution 8: poisoned cake. Give it to a pig or a rabbit and see what happens.
    Tomorrow Never Comes: a blue candle that lights a wide area. Attract threats and can absorb the health of them.
    Medicine and Strong Medicine: Stops the sanity loss for a time;
    Wedding Memories: Only one suggestion: use it FAR from your CAMP!
    update 11 - 04 - 2014
    added prefab: antimedicine (just removes 50/70 sanity), for going crazy faster!
    Lawrence C.S.