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About This File

This is Incu. He is counterpart to Lillitu, Being her full-demon friend.

He has ridiculously overpowered health, because he is a full demon. He believes he is utterly useless however, and tends to prove it by being all around lazy. He's a couch potato, and it's up to you to make him get his excercise!


450 Health

200 Sanity

150 Hunger

I'm pleased that you all enjoy my last mod, and i'm hoping this one is a little better, even. :

What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


  • 1.1: Fixed the file
  • 1.0: I posted this mod! It was a little easier to create now that i know the basics :)

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Hey Man, I like the look of these characters and I've been looking for someone to work with me on some Don't Starve Character Mods. I myself have been looking into making fully configurable and playable characters but am still learning. However, I have a lot experience in Designing whether it be Adobe Art or with pencil and paper.
If you are interested in working on any characters with me, Reach me via Skype: AquaHuskyz




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I'm really unskilled in coding thus these guys dont have much to them special ability or items wise, but art wise i would be happy to collaborate with you! :) 

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I liked this idea more attempts to put more colors in it to even try to take a bit of your life

Thanks. I assume english isn't your first language? I can't quite tell what you mean by the last part of your sentence. 

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