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This little doll is Lillitu. She is a bare bones mod i just managed to get to work.

Basically, she is a young demon-witch who thinks she is hot stuff, starts with a large pool of health, and is ready for you to teach her the world is harsher than one might think.

Give her a try and me some feedback!

The art isn't perfect, but it functions well enough now!

So i am excited to share my personal mod with everyone.


150 hunger

200 sanity

300 health

Now also available on the steam workshop!

What's New in Version 1.2   See changelog


  • 1.2: Minor update, Edited the select screen art so that it didnt look like a two year old drew it.
  • 1.2: Now with custom dialogue!!
  • 1.1: Some more sprite tweaking. :)
  • 1.0: Just got things to work with the game! Still havent figured out how to rename everything without fudging it up and making it stop working though so for now everything remains named like the template.

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