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  1. Very good the first mod of a pirate character XD
  2. The files of the custom chest are ready? if you can do them
  3. I liked this idea more attempts to put more colors in it to even try to take a bit of your life
  4. I like your thoughts but I think WX78 was created by Woodrow (In some forum sites, people voted and has almost certainly find that it is Woodrow speak because he has the same sounds it, but why would Wickerbottom sister Charlie , ja Charlie seems to be an entity type
  5. Pretty soon, the character will be released for download, so it is not longer a king: (he went wrong, now is an astronaut character

  6. I'm working on my new project, a character king, had this idea of starting a character speculated, Wilbur

    1. Dryicefox


      Maybe you unlock him by getting Maxwell back into the throne by using Maxwell in adventure mode. After Waxwell gets to the throne a flash of lightning hits the king and he turns into a skeleton boon with a crown. Pick up the crown and enter the throne to unlock. :3 sound nice?