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About This File

Prototype of Glass Joe from Punch Out! My first mod too. Has 100 health since he 's such a punching bag, 200 hunger due to no muscles to fuel, and 150 sanity from being in a world where the spiders can kill him faster than Little Mac can knock him out. Not as scared of the dark, but terrified of the monsters! Hits a quarter as strong as Wilson and hunger drain is four fifths Wilson's. Has headgear that can be re[aired with one flint. Don't expect much in this early stage, but plans are better art, improved dialogue, in French since Glass Joe is French, better headgear, and boxing gloves.

What's New in Version 6


  • Made with Wod Better! Now with more French dialogue!

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Some description and a picture might help.. i mean most of the people on this forum don't download stuff they don't know about, this is uninformative as it get's, because i don't even know if this is a custom character or not.

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Sorry, sorta new at this, still trying to get a good understanding.

Okay well, trial and error i suppose.

Welcome to the community by the way.

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It's a cute mod, I'll definitely look into this one.

If you need help coding, I can help.

With me being the amateur, inexperienced modder I am, I'll gladly accept help.

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