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  1. The Lost Fragment (Updated)

    I have waited so long for this. So very long.
  2. Foxy The Pirate Fox

    API version is set to one, I had to set it to five to make it work.
  3. Wod Better

    Fixed the problem, found the issue, messed up the speech, all is well, Glass Joe mod, unavailable on Steam, forum exclusive because there's too many Steam exclusives.
  4. Glass Joe

    With me being the amateur, inexperienced modder I am, I'll gladly accept help.
  5. Glass Joe

    Thank you. This is my first mod, and I just barely know what I'm doing.
  6. Glass Joe

    Sorry, sorta new at this, still trying to get a good understanding.
  7. Glass Joe

    Version 6


    Prototype of Glass Joe from Punch Out! My first mod too. Has 100 health since he 's such a punching bag, 200 hunger due to no muscles to fuel, and 150 sanity from being in a world where the spiders can kill him faster than Little Mac can knock him out. Not as scared of the dark, but terrified of the monsters! Hits a quarter as strong as Wilson and hunger drain is four fifths Wilson's. Has headgear that can be re[aired with one flint. Don't expect much in this early stage, but plans are better art, improved dialogue, in French since Glass Joe is French, better headgear, and boxing gloves.
  8. Wod Better

    I followed the instructions, but my game crashes every time. The weird part? No crash report. I have no information to go on.
  9. Don't Don't Sleep

    Can one oversleep?
  10. Don't Don't Sleep

    What happens if you don't sleep?
  11. Modders: Your new friend at Klei!

    How would one go about modding a reversed daylight cycle, going dusk to day to night to dusk and repeat?
  12. Craftable Fleshy Bulb

    Tab? Required machine if any?
  13. Mark Of The Ninja.Play it.