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About This File

Makes tooth traps as responsive as they were before the "All's Well that Maxwell" game update (2013-10-22), with a nearby target being checked for every 0.4 seconds, instead of the current 2 seconds. This prevents the rather common scenario of an enemy walking over a tooth trap without triggering it.

Additionally, it makes tooth traps less CPU hungry by having they only check for targets every 15 seconds when they are offscreen by a significant distance*.

* Put precisely, this conservative mode is enabled at the same conditions where the game freezes world activity due to the player being too far away.

Both the target check delay for when a tooth trap is onscreen and for when it is not are configurable, via the options "Target Check Period" and "Offscr. Targ. Check Period". Setting the latter to "inf" will disable offscreen target checking.

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Even this have to be a modfix???

Apparently, yes. It was reported last December, and I in fact wrote this mod back then, but only "released" it via PM to Craig_Perry and Teo since I assumed a fix would come soon. Since it never came and Teo recently asked me to release the mod, here it is.

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YES.  It is so irratating whenever I'm fighting hounds and they just run over my defenses.

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Oh my thanks, i hate it when i have to lure the hounds 2-3 times to actually have them killed by my traps...

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Is there a fixed version of this mod? This one crashes the server when you place a tooth trap.

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