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Tools Durability Low [Tools x3, Weapons x1.5] 1.0.1

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About This File

Tools Durability with lower multipliers for more balanced gameplay.

Mod changes durability of:

Axes x3

Hammer x3

Shovel x3

Pitchfork x3

Pickaxe x3

Bugnet x1.5

Spear x1.5

Spike x1.5

Fishingrod x3

Trap x3

Boomerang x1.5

Nightsword x1.5

Icestaff x1.5

Firestaff x1.5

Telestaff x1.5

Hambat x1.5

Bat x1.5

Multitool x1.5

Ruins bat x1.5

Multiplier works also for gold items.

This is my first modification, it's very simply but it's working.

It should be compatibile with RoG, because of simplify of script.

If You want to use it in mod pack or share it, please add notification about author :-) Thanks!

MORE DURABILITY version: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/files/file/601-tools-durability-tools-x5-weaponsstaffs-x2/

What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


  • Updated to newer version of Don't Starve.

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yay im gonna have to test this out because i sorta am brain dead at the moment / bored out of my mind.

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does this affects the golden tools?


if i don't want specific item's i erase the line of that item?

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Yeah, it affects all axes and pickaxes. If You want to disable it, just ad "--" without " before that line, it will outcomment that line :)

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I am not sure, but i bet that it already boosts ALL spears. There are no diffrent function to change specific spear, there's just "SPEAR_USES" :)

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can you make less durability version .?    for example  


[Tools x 2, Weapons x 1.25,cloth x 1.25 ]  ??

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