Tools Durability High [Tools x5, Weapons x2] 1.0.1

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Tools Durability is changing durability of tools and weapons. If you don't like to make new tool every 5 minutes, this mod is for you :-) For sure it gives a little advantage in resources, but i created it for myself.

Mod changes durability of:

Axes x5

Hammer x5

Shovel x5

Pitchfork x5

Pickaxe x5

Bugnet x2

Spear x2

Spike x2

Fishingrod x5

Trap x5

Boomerang x2

Nightsword x2

Icestaff x2

Firestaff x2

Telestaff x2

Hambat x2

Bat x2

Multitool x2

Ruins bat x2

For example:

If pickaxe breaks after 9 mined rocks, now it breaks after 45 mined rocks.

Same with trees, if axe breaks after 25 trees, now it breaks after 125 trees.

Multiplier works also for gold items.

This is my first modification, it's very simply but it's working.

I am not sure if this is working on RoG. You can try it by yourself.

If You want to use it in mod pack or share it, please add notification about author :-) Thanks!

Less durability version:

What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


  • Updated to new Don't Starve version.

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Nice mod,I'm not gonna try it because I love my vanilla game but I have a small suggestion :

You should give the axe like 125/150 use because 500 it's actually too much for the ressources it cost !

The spear x2 is good too because it have 150 use by default and 150x5 it's too much. For a first mod it's not bad,update please ! Thanks

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Sure, thanks for Your opinion. I'll make less 'easy' version today :) But i have the same feeling that x5 is too big advantage. I was also thinking about changing resource gain for gold items, so they could be just better. But we'll see. I'll update.

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