Armor, Hats, Amulets Durability [x3] 0.9

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If You are bored of creating new armor/hat/amulet every few days in Don't Starve, if You think that items just disappears too fast, this mod is for You!

This mod changes durability of all armors, hats and amulets in game.

If You think that this mod is too OP, or it breaks game - just don't download it.

But if You need less 'OP' version, You can easily configure it.

Default multipliers are:

Armors x3

Amulets x3

Hats x3

To reconfigure it, after download open folder with mod and go to modmain.lua.

Open it with notepad, look for local multiplier_amulet/hat/armor and change value after "=" to that what You want.

Then just save it and it's ready for use.

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I had some problem with this mod, at first it did exactly as written, I mean x3 durability, but after my first hat broke all things became x1 durability, any thoughts?

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I realized that things were going on very little, I thought the mod might not be working, I decided to test, I tested with the mod and without the mod, the durability of the wood armor was the same, it lost 6% with each blow. The mod is not really working.

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