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Porta-Grill is compatible with RoG

-The Porta-Grill is a portable grill.

-The Porta-Grill is fueled with wood,charcoal etc.

-The Porta-Grill has an on\off switch to help save fuel.

-The Porta-Grill has a small amount of light when switched on.

-The Porta-Grill must be switched on in order to cook!

-The Porta-Grill only shows fuel level when in your inventory.

-The Porta-Grill has a small amount of heat when switched on.

-Craftable under the FOOD TAB

-Recipe = 1 Heatrock,4 Charcoal and 1 Hammer.

Have fun,comments and suggestions are welcome.

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So, it basically is a lower tier heatrock and torch at the same time?

Heat is very very small ,like you gotta hugg it.light same way but not portable.

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