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Mod has 3 craftable items

-Beefalo Coat keeps you warm as Puffy Vest

-Beefalo Coat calms redass mood to make poop collection easier

-Beefalo Coat is repairable with use of sewing kit

-Basic Punisher has damage of spear with hammer tool

-Punisher With Teeth has damage of tentacles spike with axe tool

-All 3 are craftable under the SURVIVAL TAB

Recipe =

-Beefalo Coat = 2 heatrock,5 rope and 20 beefalowool

-Punisher = 4 flint,4 rope and 4 boards

-Punisher With Teeth = 1 punisher and 15 hounds teeth

-Note all 3 items have their own minimap icon for easy location

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Thanks for this!!


How would i go about making one of these weapons or any modded in weapons have increased  or unlimited durability? I kinda wanted to change the uses of these items and the modded golden spear item. Thanks in advance.  

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