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  1. Max Stacks

    Exactly what they say.. Hint: Nightmare is the name of an older version (update) of Don't Starve.
  2. Spider Cage

    It can be a pain to click on them, might need a tiny tweak in size at some point.
  3. Hungry With A Chance Of Meatballs

    This is funny but ill never use it.
  4. Spider Cage

    Oh i see, By more danger does this mean it can get free or others will come looking for it?
  5. Max Stacks

    It still works with ROG, Though i don't remember whether or not ROG items increase in stack size.
  6. Spider Cage

    Does expert mod increase the silk gain or is it only harder crafting and maybe more to the collecting and case/spider care?
  7. Fish Farm

    Will this brake saves that have used older versions? I have 2 saves one ROG and one base game that each use a different version of this mod.
  8. Survival Gear

    Thanks for this!! How would i go about making one of these weapons or any modded in weapons have increased or unlimited durability? I kinda wanted to change the uses of these items and the modded golden spear item. Thanks in advance.
  9. PickyPickyPicky

    I laughed because i misread this at first glance.
  10. Minimap HUD

    Can I switch to the normal (default) map while this is installed?