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This mod actually adds more playable content to the game!

You gather supplies to make the Jack-O-Lantern rod (survival recipe tab). Then, you can go searching for skeletons. The Jack-O-Lantern Rod works like the divining rod and makes a 'ping' noise that gets louder and redder the closer you get to a skeleton. THEN, take your pick and dig them bones.



Hound bones



and maybe some other stuff I forgot...

For MORE fun, start your worlds with max 'boons'!

Possible loot when mining Skeletons, hounds bones, graves and gravestones:

* ash

* wetgoop

* beardhair

* redgem

* bluegem

* walrus_tusk

* goldnugget

* krampus_sack (VERY small chance)

* poop

* walrushat (small chance)

* spoiled_food

..maybe a chance of spawning a ghost?

What's New in Version 2.7


  • Fixed graphix
  • changed recipe
  • Applied glow
  • Text Strings Update

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Wat are you talking about? You can't dig out skeletons ;_;


Oh with this mod you can! Cool! Wait, in the third picture I see a green glowing Krampus sack: how did you get that?!

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