Multiplayer Local CooP: 3 players shared screen 6.0 december 2017 fix

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A mod that adds 2 more players

Detail description here:

What's New in Version 3.4 (+coop-point-def)   See changelog


  • Current Version:31.12.2013 ( Coop-point-defencE added! finally 2player can normally attack, 2player inventory is bigger now, special camera fixed).
  • Next version: Fixes...
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player 2 can kill monsters from a distance, the camera make a button that makes it normal it zooms in on the floor or on player one or two, wolfgang is overpowered(kills beefalo and tall birds with his bare fists 2 attacks) and sometimes his mining,cutting,attacking you can't hold them it becomes press and immediately release and please make player 2 cook and some other stuff if you can.

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I can see reading through the comments that this mod needs to add keybinding for the 2nd character, or ideally support for a second game pad. Any possibility of this?

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