Packim Baggims Choice 1.1

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Mod adds three new forms of Packim Baggims. You wanted to have a choice? Here he is.


Tiger Packim: Through this form Bagims act just like Sea Sack, but he can move himself, has 9 item slots and he has a wonderful, tiger look :) - fill 3 slots with shark gill and 6 with ice.

Venom Packim: When you are poisoned Bagims and his aura of regeneration which will certainly make your poisonous life in this wild world easier...until you take the antidote - fill 4 slots with venom gland and 5 with seaweed.

Tar Packim: glow in the dark... just a pity that space for items is a little less. - fill 8 slots with tar and 1 with tar lamp.

Works with RoG merged worlds and of course Shipwrecked.

What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


Fix animation/checkfunction bug

Change in-mod icon

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Hey! this seems pretty cool! but i don't quite get the vemon pakims that well... when you're poisoned, it heals you? or it always heals?

BTW: tiger packims looks hella cute, (but it will be cooler if it also gave a "drying aura" like the thermal stone... a very tiny one, like it let you dry 10% faster), or if vemon packims give you a little sanity aura (make it more expensive, like full 9 vemon glans). but i'm not going to be a choosing beggar, thank you for your kick ass mod

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