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Each winter on a random night... Krampusnacht.

6 stronger Krampus will invade your base and mess your stuff up! If you manage to kill them all before daybreak you will be rewarded with a Krampus Sack. If you don't, there are consequences.

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Oh its the Belsnickel. Legends said that Krampus from Germany says that He visits naughty children at Night of Dec 5 I think. How about the number of Krampus visiting you will be calculated to the number of naughts you made the whole summer and 6 will be the worst scenario you could have?

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Hi Bryce, and thanks for the awesome mod !


On the mod page, it says that the mod is out-of-date, but I decided to try it despite that. In fact, it correctly worked, I managed to kill the Krampus (no luck for them, I was in the swamps), and get the Krampus sack (first time in my life that one appeared right in front of me, that was... there's no word for it), but the game crashed when night ended. Do you plan to update it a day ?



----- EDIT -----


I found a simple way of having the sack without crashing the game if you survived the attack : when the sack is on the ground, just save and quit. Disable the mod, reload your game. Enjoy your sack ^^

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