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I hate dropping packs for armor and a personal backpack slot does not seem quite right to me. This mod lets you carry backpacks, piggybacks, insulated packs, and Krampus sacks in any inventory slot.

Airing on the side of hardcore now by default Packs cannot be placed inside other packs, chest, or the Teleportato in Adventure Mode. This can be changed easily by going to the <Don't starve folder>modsPackInInventorymodmain.lua

Just change false to true for the thing you want:

------config--------local packs_in_packs = false --set to true so you can put bags inside of other bags.local packs_in_chests = false --set to true so you can put bags inside of chests, this covers regular, pandora, skull, and minotaur as well.local packs_in_Teleportato = false --set to true so you can put bags inside the Teleportato in Adventure Mode.local packs_in_chester = false --set to true to allow Chester to hold bags.--------------------

PIC With all the option set to true: http://i.imgur.com/MjKhy6r.jpg


Any tips or suggestions are welcome and appreciated but go easy on me, A n00b I am.

You can talk to me about the mod, tell me how much you like it, or just say hi below.

Also ratings do make me happy, especially the 5 star variety. ;)

Old Older versions / Change log:

v1.2: add customization for placing packs inside other packs, chest and the Teleportato in Adventure Mode.

v1.1 [Powers update]: made to work for powers update, given all the powers mod menu thingys.

Pack In Inventory v1.0 [ROCK / Cave / LIVE update]: first release.

Boring Legal Stuff:

Feel free to use anything from my mods in anyway you like, acknowledgement is not necessary but it is appreciated.

As school and life take up more of my time I may have to give up on updating these mods, if I fail to update them to the current version of Don't Starve for several weeks, assume my mods are abandon and feel free to start your own version using any and all of my assets.

It sure has been a lot of fun!


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

To Install:

Just go to steamsteamappscommondont_starvemods and place the folder located in the .zip archive

Start Don't Starve and go to the "Mods" menu and enable this mod.

Support My Mods:

If you would like to help me out, follow this adf.ly like link wait for 10 seconds and click the "Skip ad" at the top right of the page.

What's New in Version 1.6   See changelog


  • Added Insulated Pack and Dragonfly Chest compatibility.
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Nightmares good to go.


I imagine this version should pretty much be backwards compatibale with the last few previous versions of Don't Starve but I can't be bothered to test that.  But feel free to try if your interested.

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That is currently not an available feature of this mod and is bit awkward for two reasons:

    1. because if you can't have packs in your inventory the game does not want you to hold it with your mouse either so there is no way to put it in a chest.

    2. Your inventory does not have the item override function itemtestfn like containers do, so it is not as simple to make it so you can't have something while a chest can.


I will work on a solution but no promises.

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Already done in the game. The fact that you can slot backpacks and the other things like that, just multiplies one slot with whatever amount there is in a backpack! And this is in the game already as well, without this mod now! Better would be, if you could only carry empty backpacks in slots, that'd make it fairer...

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