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About This File

This is the first release of my mod that edits the world regeneration for tree saplings and such.

The issue arose when I noticed people (specifically streamers) build a mega base, or a relatively big base, they decorate it, make roads, etc.. then one evergreen tree sapling or a twiggy tree sapling spawns next to the road and ruins the aesthetics. Many people opt into turning world regeneration off from the get go, while others forget or want the regeneration of specific items.

All in all, this behavior is mostly unwanted, so this mod solves this issue. It has options to choose from, whether you want to completely turn off tree spawning or if you want to keep it but in a controlled state.


Steam workshop:


This is my first mod, so let me know what you think, if you face bugs, or if you have any suggestions.



What's New in Version 0.9.0   See changelog


Updated a lot of things!

- Changed the structure of the check function.
- Implemented turf detection: No trees will spawn on your roads 100%
- Easier options
- Patched desolationspawner script, which spawned trees behind our backs!

Version: 0.9.0

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