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  1. I just spent 2 hours debugging this issue with iaregravy. There's nothing that we didn't do. I can create servers just fine, but when they try to do it with caves, they get that same error. Log files say "[00:00:38]: [Error] Dedicated server process terminated prematurely." and nothing of useful info at all.
  2. The crabby hermit does not add the trinkets (hermitshop_winter_ornament_boss_hermithouse and hermitshop_winter_ornament_boss_pearl) to the trade (RECIPETABS.HERMITCRABSHOP) because of an error in checking for the event in recipes.lua Upon removing this line "if IsSpecialEventActive(SPECIAL_EVENTS.WINTERS_FEAST) then ... end" the recipe is visible again. I suspect this is due to the fact that recipes load in before special event can be properly checked, and once the event is actually on, the recipe.lua has already executed and the if check will not hold. Everything else works as intended because in hermitcrab.lua:OnLoadPostPass the tackle container (supertacklecontainer) is visible in creative mode, however, the only 2 recipes that aren't visible are the 2 trinkets. Thank you. Edit: further testing revealed that IsSpecialEventActive indeed returns false when testing events even if winter_feast is active. Steps: Start a world with winter feast activated add the following to recipes.lua TheNet:SystemMessage(tostring(IsSpecialEventActive("winters_feast")), false) Check server_chat_log.txt it prints So this proves that the events don't change from "none" until after the recipes.lua is loaded, which is too late.
  3. Version 0.9.0


    This is the first release of my mod that edits the world regeneration for tree saplings and such. The issue arose when I noticed people (specifically streamers) build a mega base, or a relatively big base, they decorate it, make roads, etc.. then one evergreen tree sapling or a twiggy tree sapling spawns next to the road and ruins the aesthetics. Many people opt into turning world regeneration off from the get go, while others forget or want the regeneration of specific items. All in all, this behavior is mostly unwanted, so this mod solves this issue. It has options to choose from, whether you want to completely turn off tree spawning or if you want to keep it but in a controlled state. Steam workshop: This is my first mod, so let me know what you think, if you face bugs, or if you have any suggestions. Cheers.
  4. The fire from the guard pigs' torch is shown even when the pigs should cover it. I've drawn circles on the third picture illustrating that. Edit: I would like to add that it also shows the same thing with the player holding the torch; the fire is visible through the player when facing away from the screen.
  5. Great mod, I've been using it ever since I started playing DST. I have an issue, however, sometimes I place saplings, berry bushes, grass, pine cones, etc and get them organized into a farm in a server. When I log back on later to plant more stuff, the grid doesn't match what I have planted before. It has a little shift, can be seen from the saplings because their base doesn't match the little x of the grid. And needless to say, everything else I plant will be shifted off to the new grid and it looks horrible. I am not sure why it happens, or how to trigger it, because sometimes it works perfectly fine, other times it doesn't snap correctly. I'm going to run more tests locally and see if it happens and report back. However, I would appreciate it if anyone else can confirm this, or if anyone knows how to solve it. Playing on Steam DST with updates on (assuming it's latest version of the game and the mod as of today).