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About This File

Rabbit home +
Lets rabbits spawn new homes!
Compatible with [RoG] only.

Steam download link

(This mod is not meant to be turned on all the time)

I have no idea if a mod like this already exists or not XD But when I tried looking for one, I couldn't find any.
So I decided to make one on myself. :p  (It literally took me like 10 minutes to script and test xD)
I wanted to make this mod to be compatible with DS and SW as well, but it sadly turned out to be buggy in DS and not activate itself unless the season just changed. And I don't really have SW to know if it works there.

I might update it in the future and try to make it compatible with DS and SW as well  :p  ...if... there will be a demand for it XD
And as for now... I hope you'll have fun with this silly, little mod XD

About the mod

This is just a silly, little mod which let's rabbits be able to spawn new rabbit holes.
It's good for players which would like to create their own rabbit farm near their base, underground/in caves, recreate destroyed rabbit farms, or simply are feeling bored and want to see the world drown in rabbits! XD

This mod has few different breeding speed settings, so you could choose the one you like the most.
(Btw, The character that you can see on the picture, does not come with this mod. If you want him then you can get him here >> Back to nature )

How it works

  • Once this mod get's activated, rabbits will start to spawn rabbit holes in a random time.
  • The speed in which they will be spawning new homes depends on the set speed in the "configure mod" options.
  • Rabbits will keep on spawning new rabbit holes in every season except spring.
  • Rabbits will be able to spawn new rabbit holes underground / in caves same as on the surface.
  • Rabbits won't be spawning new rabbit holes if the player is too far away from them.
    (That's why this mod is useful only when you're trying to make a rabbit farm near your base, restore a destroyed rabbit farm, or simply derp around.)
  • Rabbits won't spawn new rabbit holes if they are too close to other rabbit holes.
  • You can capture rabbits and place them in any spot that you want your rabbit farm to be. 
  • Once you think you have enough rabbits, then simply turn this mod off. Differently they might eventually overpopulate the area.
  • Keep in mind that an extreme amount of rabbits might eventually start lagging your game. (Duh... XD)


Rabbits are able to spawn rabbit holes on any type of turf.
This mod does not specify where the rabbits can and where they can't spawn new rabbit holes. So even if placed on stone turf, wooden boards or wherever else where they can hop around, they still will be spawning new rabbit holes.

Rabbits spawn outside of the map
If the rabbits are too close to the edge of the map/land, then they might spawn new ones outside of it.

(If you'll encounter any other bugs or issues which are not listed here, then feel free to let me know about them)

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what did you do in the code to "Rabbits won't be spawning new rabbit holes if the player is too far away from them" ?

I look your modmain.lua and didn't see this functionality.

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1 hour ago, vagnerdarochasantos said:

what did you do in the code to "Rabbits won't be spawning new rabbit holes if the player is too far away from them" ?

I look your modmain.lua and didn't see this functionality.

Yes, I know. This is just basically how the rabbits work due to the fact that once you go too far away from them they just stand still on the map and don't spawn new holes XD Or at lest that's what I believe is happening, since each time I tested it, only the rabbits in the closest area were actually spawning their new homes, and all the others which were too far away didn't :/
(Which is too bad because I actually wanted them to spawn new holes even if the player would be far away from them) ^^;

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