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  1. Everything is literally explained in the tutorial o.o All lines go either in the modmain.lua or in your character's prefab file in the "local fn = function(inst)" Every section tells you exactly where to place the Base code which you are given. If you feel confused about one of the sections then let me know which one it is so I could give you more directions/help.
  2. The problem is that you putted the same sanity function 3 times in a row. And all of them work with the same tags, which makes the game flicker between all of them all the time. But reading your script I can see what you were trying to do. So here's how to fix that: inst:AddTag("notactive") local function CheckTime(inst) if GetClock() and GetWorld() then if GetClock():IsDay() and (inst:HasTag("notactive") or inst:HasTag("activedusk") or inst:HasTag("activenight")) and not GetWorld():IsCave() then inst.components.sanity.dapperness = 0.3 inst:AddTag("activeday") inst:RemoveTag("notactive") inst:RemoveTag("activedusk") inst:RemoveTag("activenight") end if GetClock():IsDusk() and (inst:HasTag("notactive") or inst:HasTag("activeday") or inst:HasTag("activenight")) and not GetWorld():IsCave() then inst.components.sanity.dapperness = -0.15 inst:AddTag("activedusk") inst:RemoveTag("notactive") inst:RemoveTag("activeday") inst:RemoveTag("activenight") end if GetClock():IsNight() and (inst:HasTag("notactive") or inst:HasTag("activedusk") or inst:HasTag("activeday")) and not GetWorld():IsCave() then inst.components.sanity.dapperness = -0.4 inst:AddTag("activenight") inst:RemoveTag("notactive") inst:RemoveTag("activedusk") inst:RemoveTag("activeday") end end end inst:DoPeriodicTask( 0.0, function(inst) CheckTime(inst) end) Try using this instead. I simply combined everything into 1. I marked you the Day, Dusk, and Night parts along with your custom sanity perk so you could easily change it if you'd like
  3. I never played around with adding such to a button, so I won't be able to help you out too much with this right now, but I know a mod that did create and use different button commands. Puppy princess Musha You could look around in the files of this mod to see how the buttons there are scripted. (I would have checked it out myself but I do not have that much free time lately. Sorry about that) Edit: Nevermind! I couldn't resist checking it out! Here's what you'll need: Head to your character's prefab file and add in the local fn = function(inst) these lines: local light = inst.entity:AddLight() light:SetFalloff(0.2) light:SetIntensity(0.9) light:SetRadius(6.0) light:SetColour(001/255, 255/255, 050/255) light:Enable(false) inst:AddTag("nvoff") Then head to your modmain.lua and add in there this: GetPlayer = GLOBAL.GetPlayer GLOBAL.TheInput:AddKeyDownHandler(GLOBAL.KEY_F, function() local light = GetPlayer().entity:AddLight() if GetPlayer():HasTag("nvon") then light:Enable(false) GetPlayer():AddTag("nvoff") GetPlayer():RemoveTag("nvon") print("Night vision is OFF.") elseif GetPlayer():HasTag("nvoff") then light:Enable(true) GetPlayer():AddTag("nvon") GetPlayer():RemoveTag("nvoff") print("Night vision is ON.") end end) You can of course change the colors of your night vision (The tutorial explains how to do that) and the button from "F" to another by just changing the "F" in the "GLOBAL.KEY_F" which I marked, to the one which you would like to use. This should be enough to make it work.
  4. Hmm, that's weird. I don't seem to have any problems running the game with my mod. But I do remember seeing some people complain about having some issues with the mods after the Don't Starve update, so I suppose maybe this could be the issue? (And if it is then I guess it should be fix soon by the developers) Also, You could try enabling only this mod and checking if it still would result in the same issue (if you tend to have more than 1 mod enabled) just to make sure that the problem isn't in the mod's compatibility with some other mods that you might have enabled along with this one. Other than that, I guess I could only recommend trying to re-download the mod or maybe trying getting it on Steam (If you can). I'm sorry, I can't really help more than that
  5. It's the "local fn = function(inst)" in your character's prefab file, in which your character's stats are. So if you'll place the line:, period) below your character's stats, then that should work.
  6. If you are working on a DST mod, then yes, there are differences in coding between the "normal" DS and the DST. I would gladly help you if I could, but sadly I do not have DST to even be aware of the coding differences that would need to be made there. However, you may want to ask for help in the DST mods and tools forum section, as I'm sure you'll manage to find someone to help you there. I'm sorry that I can't be of more help.
  7. Yes, there is. But if you want to give your character the ability to start/use those items then you would need to modify them in your mod, and remove from them the "characterspecific" component. (This component is used to make an item bounded only to 1 specified character) If you want to do that, then you will need to look into the game's prefab files (in the main don't starve folder, go to data >> scripts >> prefabs) Then you will need to look for the prefab file that you want to modify and copy-paste it into your mod's folder. after you do that simply open the copy of the file that you just made and remove from it the lines: inst:AddComponent("characterspecific") inst.components.characterspecific:SetOwner("woodie") or turn them off by simply placing a " -- " in front of them like that: --inst:AddComponent("characterspecific") --inst.components.characterspecific:SetOwner("woodie") In Abigail's flower file you also will need to look for the line: if not GetPlayer() or GetPlayer().prefab ~= "wendy" then inst:Remove() end and for Wes's ballons the line: inst:DoTaskInTime(0, function() if not GetPlayer() or GetPlayer().prefab ~= "wes" then inst:Remove() end end) and remove it/turn it off as this keeps an eye on the character's prefab file and removes the item if it isn't wendy/wes. Then head to your modmain.lua and add your modified file to the PrefabFiles = { } section along with the prefab file of your character. So it should look something like that: PrefabFiles = { "YourCharacterHere", "lucy" } Then of course you can either create a custom recipe to craft those items or simply make your character start with that item (You can find in the tutorial how to do both of those so you can pick whichever you like)
  8. I actually did try to do that due to the fact that this tutorial is soooo looong. ^-^; (I actually am new to klei forums .... and... forums in general, so I'm still kinda learning how these things work XD) But I'm guessing that maybe I did something wrong, because it didn't want to work the way it should o,o; I guess I can give it another try XD And there is a table of contents at the very top. (I guess I can try to simple it down a bit more o,o) Hopefully I'll manage to make it better. Thanks for the input though! ^-^
  9. I have seen a lot of people which are still new to modding having troubles with the basic character perks, therefore I decided to create a simple tutorial showing you how to create some basic perks for your character. So if you're having trouble and are working on a mod for DS, RoG, or SW (or... all) then hopefully this could help you out at least a little bit! I know that I'm not the best modder out there, and that there can be few different ways to achieve some of these things in this tutorial, but I'm gonna focus mainly on the ways that I learned how to do them. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IMPORTANT DST mods differ in their codding from the DS, RoG, and SW. So sadly this tutorial might not help you if you're working on a DST mod. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So most of you probably are already using a basic character template, which provides you with a basic modmain.lua file, same as a starter character prefab file which already has the basic list of assets, and character stats for you to manipulate. But just in case you don't have them, then here's where you can get them: Extended Sample Character << Click In this tutorial I'll show you how to: - Set/Change your characters Health, Sanity, and hunger. - Increase/Decrease/Turn off night and dusk sanity drain or reverse it. - Increase/Decrease/Turn off moisture sanity drain or reverse it. - Set a HP/Sanity/Hunger regen/damage over time. - Set a HP/Sanity/Hunger regen/damage during specified time of the day. - Set a HP/Sanity/Hunger regen/damage during specified season. - Set a HP/Sanity/Hunger regen/damage from rain or while being in caves. - Set a health/sanity/hunger regern/damage from temperature. - Set a health/sanity/hunger regern/damage from moisture. - Set a sanity/health/hunger loss/gain from attacking creatures. - Set a sanity/health/hunger loss/gain from killing creatures. - Set a Sanity regern/damage by equipping an item. - Erase/Increase/Decrease an existing sanity regen/damage on an item. - Add a sanity aura heal/damage to an item/creature. -------------------------- - Change your character's basic defense/attack power/speed. - Change defense/power/speed based on the time of the day. - Change defense/power/speed based on season. - Change defense/power/speed based on rain or caves. - Change defense/power/speed based on temperature. - Change defense/power/speed based on moisture. -------------------------- - Set your character's heat and cold resistance. - Increase/Decrease the HP damage when freezing/overheating. - Make your character fragile/resistant/immune to heat/cold. - Make your character immune to fire. - Turn your character into a monster or make it "not scary to prey". - Make the spiders/merm ignore your character (if unbothered). -------------------------- - Set/Change what your character can/can't eat. - Change the amount of sanity/health/hunger that a specified food gives. - Create a custom food type/group for your character. - Make an non-eatable item eatable to your character. --------------------------- - Give your character starting inventory items. - Make your character always start with a certain custom item (even in adventure mode). - Give your character a night vision/glow. - Unlock recipes for your character. - Change existing recipes. - Give your character custom recipes for existing items. - Remove the sanity gain/loss from picking flowers. - Mute your character. - Make your character unable to trigger spiders when walking on their webs. (All of the sections are in the same order as in the list above) BTW, I know that you'll see me repeat the same things many times in this tutorial, but that's just because I made it for people to be able to head right away to the section that they care to learn, without needing to read the whole thing. So I'm sorry if you'll find that annoying. Anyways, let's start! ========================================================================= Health / Sanity / Hunger ========================================================================= --=====BASIC=====-- -- Set/Change the character's basic stats -- -- Increase/Decrease/Turn off night & dusk sanity drain or reverse it -- -- Increase/Decrease/Turn off moisture sanity drain or reverse it -- --=====REGEN/DAMAGE BASED ON TIME OR SEASON=====-- -- Set a HP/Sanity/Hunger regen/damage over time -- -- Set a HP/Sanity/Hunger regen/damage during specified time of the day -- -- Set a HP/Sanity/Hunger regen/damage during specified season -- --=====REGEN/DAMAGE BASED ON LOCATION OR RAIN=====-- -- Set a HP/Sanity/Hunger regen/damage from rain or while being in caves -- --=====REGEN/DAMAGE BASED ON TEMPERATURE OR MOISTURE=====-- -- Set a health/sanity/hunger regern/damage from temperature -- -- Set a health/sanity/hunger regern/damage from moisture -- --=====REGEN/DAMAGE BASED ON KILL OR ATTACK=====-- -- Set a sanity/health/hunger loss/gain from attacking creatures -- -- Set a sanity/health/hunger loss/gain from killing creatures -- --=====REGEN/DAMAGE BASED ON ITEMS OR CREATURES=====-- -- Set a sanity regern/damage by equipping an item -- -- Erase/Increase/Decrease an existing sanity regen/damage on an item -- -- Add a sanity aura heal/damage to an item/creature -- ========================================================================= Defense / Attack power / Speed ========================================================================= --=====BASIC=====-- -- Change your character's basic defense/attack power/speed -- --=====INCREASE/DECREASE BASED ON TIME OR SEASON=====-- -- Change defense/power/speed based on the time of the day -- -- Change defense/power/speed based on season -- --=====INCREASE/DECREASE BASED ON LOCATION OR RAIN=====-- -- Change defense/power/speed based on rain or caves -- --=====INCREASE/DECREASE BASED ON TEMPERATURE OR MOISTURE=====-- -- Change defense/power/speed based on temperature -- -- Change defense/power/speed based on moisture -- ========================================================================= Sensibility / Numbness / Characteristics ========================================================================= --=====BASIC=====-- -- Set your character's heat and cold resistance -- -- Increase/Decrease the HP damage when freezing/overheating -- --=====FRAGILE / IMMUNE=====-- -- Make your character fragile/resistant/immune to heat/cold -- -- Make your character immune to fire -- -- Turn your character into a monster or make it "not scary to prey" -- -- Make the spiders/merm ignore your character (if unbothered) -- ========================================================================= Food ========================================================================= --=====BASIC=====-- -- Set/Change what your character can/can't eat -- -- Change the amount of sanity/health/hunger that a specified food gives -- --=====CUSTOM=====-- -- Create a custom food type/group for your character -- -- Make an non-eatable item eatable to your character -- ========================================================================= Starter inventory / Night vision / Recipes / Other ========================================================================= --=====ITEMS=====-- -- Give your character starting inventory items -- -- Make your character always start with a certain custom item (even in adventure mode) -- --=====CHARACTER=====-- -- Give your character a night vision/glow -- --=====RECIPES=====-- -- Unlock recipes for your character -- -- Change existing recipes -- --=====CUSTOM=====-- -- Give your character custom recipes for existing items -- --=====OTHER=====-- -- Remove the sanity gain/loss from picking flowers -- -- Mute your character -- -- Make your character unable to trigger spiders when walking on their webs -- ========================================================================= And that would be the end of this tutorial. It took me 5 days to compose all this, so I really hope that at least some of you might find it helpful. However, if any of this parts/sections confused you, then please feel free to ask me whatever it is that you didn't understand, and I'll try to explain it differently to hopefully help you out. Also: Please, do not ask any questions that have nothing to do with this tutorial (nor anything it shows) in here. (Just trying to avoid unnecessary mess) ^^;
  10. Hmm, that's weird. o,o Are you sure you have the latest version installed/downloaded? Or have you maybe tried re-downloading it? o: (Because the mod seems to work fine for me, so I'm not sure what else could cause this issue) o,o
  11. Yes, I know. This is just basically how the rabbits work due to the fact that once you go too far away from them they just stand still on the map and don't spawn new holes XD Or at lest that's what I believe is happening, since each time I tested it, only the rabbits in the closest area were actually spawning their new homes, and all the others which were too far away didn't :/ (Which is too bad because I actually wanted them to spawn new holes even if the player would be far away from them) ^^;
  12. Version 1.0


    Rabbit home + Lets rabbits spawn new homes! Compatible with [RoG] only. Steam download link (This mod is not meant to be turned on all the time) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I have no idea if a mod like this already exists or not XD But when I tried looking for one, I couldn't find any. So I decided to make one on myself. (It literally took me like 10 minutes to script and test xD) I wanted to make this mod to be compatible with DS and SW as well, but it sadly turned out to be buggy in DS and not activate itself unless the season just changed. And I don't really have SW to know if it works there. I might update it in the future and try to make it compatible with DS and SW as well ...if... there will be a demand for it XD And as for now... I hope you'll have fun with this silly, little mod XD ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About the mod This is just a silly, little mod which let's rabbits be able to spawn new rabbit holes. It's good for players which would like to create their own rabbit farm near their base, underground/in caves, recreate destroyed rabbit farms, or simply are feeling bored and want to see the world drown in rabbits! XD This mod has few different breeding speed settings, so you could choose the one you like the most. (Btw, The character that you can see on the picture, does not come with this mod. If you want him then you can get him here >> Back to nature ) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How it works Once this mod get's activated, rabbits will start to spawn rabbit holes in a random time. The speed in which they will be spawning new homes depends on the set speed in the "configure mod" options. Rabbits will keep on spawning new rabbit holes in every season except spring. Rabbits will be able to spawn new rabbit holes underground / in caves same as on the surface. Rabbits won't be spawning new rabbit holes if the player is too far away from them. (That's why this mod is useful only when you're trying to make a rabbit farm near your base, restore a destroyed rabbit farm, or simply derp around.) Rabbits won't spawn new rabbit holes if they are too close to other rabbit holes. You can capture rabbits and place them in any spot that you want your rabbit farm to be. Once you think you have enough rabbits, then simply turn this mod off. Differently they might eventually overpopulate the area. Keep in mind that an extreme amount of rabbits might eventually start lagging your game. (Duh... XD) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs Rabbits are able to spawn rabbit holes on any type of turf. This mod does not specify where the rabbits can and where they can't spawn new rabbit holes. So even if placed on stone turf, wooden boards or wherever else where they can hop around, they still will be spawning new rabbit holes. Rabbits spawn outside of the map If the rabbits are too close to the edge of the map/land, then they might spawn new ones outside of it. (If you'll encounter any other bugs or issues which are not listed here, then feel free to let me know about them)
  13. Thank you~ ^^ And sorry but I'm not really planing on making it SW compatible ^^; ( I don't really even have the SW version of Don't starve XD; )
  14. Version 1.4.0


    Back to nature A pack of 3 characters. Compatible with [DS] and [RoG] Steam Download link ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I still can't believe that I finally finished my first mod ever! In just few days, after researching and studding the game's files, I managed to learn enough of the basics to be able to achieve most of the things I needed for my mod. And for the other ones, I tried giving all of the credits of the mods that I found helpful in the script of my mod. (I was too shy to ever ask for help, so it was a long few hours/days of headache and studding of the game files, to try and understand how things work to be able to alter them in my mod X___X; ) My project was quite ambitious as for someone that literally knew one big 0 about how to code this game, but I never gave up on it. I have worked with complicated coding before on advanced custom stories for Amnesia the dark descent, so I thought "Pfft. Don't starve? How hard can it be? It's probably gonna be a breeze!" ...umm... Yea... Nope. XD That actually was a lot harder that I expected. But then again... Most things are hard before they become easy XD So 4 months and about 300 hours of testing later, this mod was born! XD The artwork and characters are made by me. And of course... (I don't think I need to mention it but I will anyways) Feel free to use the coding I made for my mod if you'll find it helpful, or even change it to use it in your own mod if you wish. However, please DO NOT reuse any of the art that I made for this. Thank you, and I hope you'll enjoy my mod! ^-^ (Also, sorry if there are any typos anywhere. They tend to escape me. XD Evil typos! :U ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About the mod The mod contains 3 different characters. (Wool, Weem, and Waan) Each character has different perks, custom speech, and special items. All of the characters are taller than the normal Don't starve characters and have different analogies/anatomy. They all also have their own custom character selection frame. (You can check for them in the description below or in the pictures attached to this mod.) Also: Keep in mind that this mod resizes the headwear of the characters. So if you'll be playing with a normal Don't starve Character while having this mod on, then the headwear will look small on them. WARNING! Do not use this mod along with any other mods which transfer anything from SW to DS/RoG. It might crash your game or kill your character. (If you're playing with Wool, Weem or Waan.) Also: Please do not attempt on making this mod compatible with SW, Hamlet or DST on your own. Thank you for reading and for understanding. I hope you'll still enjoy the mod the way it is. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wool Wool is a peaceful, sweet, deer-like creature which loves nature and gets heartbroken when he sees plants suffering or getting hurt. He sees the life of plants on an equal level as the life of any other living creature, making him sad that he needs to hurt them in order to survive. Wool isn't the easiest character to play as. He loses sanity pretty quickly while gathering resources, and he gets hungry fast. Wool also has a very useful fried, a wisp. She can glow in the dark, heal his HP and recover his sanity. The wisp wakes up from a pearl which is Wool's special item that he starts with. The pearl can also be upgraded into a blue pearl, fire pearl, silver pearl, or golden pearl. Each pearl wakes a different wisp with different helpful perks. Stats HP - 200 | Sanity - 120 | Hunger - 90 Neutral perks - He is not scary to "prey", so animals like rabbits and gobblers won't run away from him. Pros - He loses no sanity during nigh. - Standing near dark flowers, wearing the fashion melon, and digging up graves does not decrease his sanity. - He can regain sanity by standing near trees, rabbits, beefalos, flowers, and by planting trees. - He has increases defense. - Starts with the recipe for healing salve unlocked. - He will spawn a butterfly from time to time. (That's just to make sure that he will always have some way to restore sanity while the Wisp is resting) - He can pick up the spiky bush without getting hurt. - He gets less hungry from eating flower petals. (+3) (dark petals give him no penalty) - Beefalos see him as one of their own and will not attack him even during mating season. They will also dash to protect Wool upon witnessing him being attacked. (They will still attack if attacked) - He can warm himself up by standing near beefalos. - He can see beefalos on the map. - His fur keeps him warmer during winter. He also takes less damage while freezing. - His Wisp can heal his sanity and health, and she glows in the dark. - He won't be attacked by killer bees if he won't bother them. (Killer bee hives are still a danger though) Cons - He loses sanity while chopping down trees, picking flowers, grass, or any other plant. (except cactus) - Loses sanity while standing near tree stumps, burned trees, drying racks, and while wearing moggles, garland, or holding grass umbrella, or ham bat. - Loses A LOT of sanity from burning plants and trees, and from heads on a pole. - Loses large amount of sanity from eating mandrakes. - Killing any living creatures (animals and monsters) decreases his sanity. (The amount of sanity loss varies depending on the killed creature) - He does not regain any sanity from scalemail. - He is a herbivore and can't eat any meat nor any crock pot food that can be made with meat. - He gets hungry fast. - Wisp needs few days to recharge, and is not fast enough to catch up with Wool while he runs. (on a road or with a walking cane) Food (Some foods also work differently on Wool.) - Durian - HP.0 Sanity.0 - Cooked durian - Sanity.0 - Red cap - HP.5 Hunger.12 Sanity.0 - Red cap cooked - Hunger.12 Sanity.0 - Green cap - HP.0 Hunger.12 Sanity.5 - Green cap cooked - HP.0 Hunger.12 Sanity.15 - Blue cap - HP.20 Hunger.12 Sanity.0 - Blue cap cooked - HP.20 Hunger.12 Sanity.10 - Dragonpie - Sanity.10 - Powcake - Can't eat. - Taffy - HP.0 - Stuffed eggplant - Can't eat. - Wet goop - Can't eat - Goat milk - Sanity.20 - Watermelon - Hunger.60 - Cactus flesh - HP.0 - Lichen - Sanity.0 Wisp Wisp is Wool's little companion, which when awoken will follow Wool and assist him with her light and heals. Wisp awakes from the pearl which Wool carries. It takes 1-3 days for each pearl to fully charge. When a pearl is charged, place it on the ground and wait 10 seconds for the wisp to wake up. Every wisp will stay with Wool for 1 full day. (Starting from the moment it was awoken) Only the silver and golden wisp will stay for longer time. After the wisp's time will be up, it'll turn back into the original Sleeping pearl (White pearl). UPDATE: Wool will now announce when Wisp will be about to go to sleep. The 1st cue "Wisp seems tired" will be given by Wool when there will be about 2 minutes left on Wisp's timer. The last warning "Wisp is really tired" will be given by Wool when there will be about 1 minute left on Wisp's timer. Wool will also say "Rest well, my little friend" once Wisp falls asleep, helping players notice that Wisp is no longer following them. Tip: To avoid ending up in the dark when the wisp will suddenly fall back asleep, awake your wisp during the day or dusk. ------------------------------------------------ Weem Weem is a highly educated and intelligent water creature of the night. She loves solitude and spending time learning new things or crafting magical items. She is not too interested in technology related objects. Weem can be a pretty difficult character to play as, as her sanity and health keeps on decreasing during the day, and can easily kill her if she won't be properly taken care of. She, however, has all of the magical/ancient necklaces and staff (along with few other magical/ancient recipes) already unlocked from the start, and along with her ability to craft gems and use magic without sanity loss, can make her a powerful character when using magic. Stats HP - 160 | Sanity - 150 | Hunger - 150 Neutral perks - Planting butterflies will make a dark flower appear instead of a normal one. - Her speech can provide the player with few information about the inspected objects. (But they tend to be long) Pros - Regains sanity during night and in caves. - Rain heals her sanity and health. - Spiders and merm don't mind her but will still attack her if attacked. - Ghosts won't case her even if attacked. (She will still get damaged on contact) - She can craft gems, thulecite, living log, spiderhat, and walrus tusk. - She has most of the magical/ancient recipes unlocked from the start. - She can use the magic/ancient staff without any sanity loss. - She can craft from the unlocked ancient recipes without being near the altar. - She can craft a stuffed spider which will make spiders protect her upon witnessing her being attacked. - Can craft a rainshell which will call rain when played. - She glows in the dark. (Her glow increases during rain and in caves/underground) - She runs faster during rain and in caves/underground. - She can grow and cut her hair to receive silk. - She doesn't lose sanity from moisture. (But still dislikes wet clothes) - She can always see the closes sinhole (cave entrance) to her always uncovered on the map when loading/starting the game. - Bug net last for much longer when she is using it. (-1% per use) (Just because she needs a lot of butterflies to create more dark flowers for her crafts.) Cons - Loses A LOT of health during day. - Loses sanity during day and dusk. - Overheats fast. - Pigman and bunnyman hate her and will attack her on sight. - Catcoons dislike her and will attack her if approached too close. - She can only eat meat and drink blood. (She prefers her meat RAW) - Most crock pot foods which can be made with veggies or fruits will damage her health. Food - Fishsticks - HP.-10 - Fishtacos - HP.-5 - Kabobs - HP.-20 - Meatballs - HP.-20 - Perogies - HP.-20 - Unagi - HP.-20 - Guacamole - HP.-20 - HotChili - HP.-20 - Mosquito's blood sack - HP.10 Hunger.8 Sanity.30 - Meaty stew - HP.-2 - Cup of blood - HP.30 Hunger.5 Sanity.3 - Monster blood - HP.3 Hunger.5 Sanity.30 ------------------------------------------------ Waan Waan is a cheerful adventurer, filled with love towards technology, lots of excitement, and bad puns. He is always ready to explore, and when he doesn't talk about food or adventure, he loves making fun of everything around him. He in reality is a young prince who always tries to escape his kingdom as he loves the though of adventure a lot more than the though of becoming a king. Waan is not too difficult character to play as. He is a very good character for players which love exploring the map and rarely stay in one place or around the camp area. He still might cause troubles during winter as he freezes fast. Stats HP - 120 | Sanity - 200 | Hunger - 150 Neutral perks - Starts with a backpack, food, a compass, his boomerang Boomy, his royal scarf, and a thermal stone. Pros - Loses no sanity during night. - Can't lose any sanity due to food. - Loses no HP from any kind of meat nor crock pot food. - Loses no sanity when using the orange teleport staff. - Is not a fuzzy eater and hardly gets any negative effects from food. - Can see in the dark. - Can craft gears. - Walks and runs faster than the normal characters. - He knows how to craft a shovel, a thermal stone, a backpack, a walking cane, a compass, a rope, a crock pot, a spear, a cut stone, and a tent from the start. - He is a desert cat and will never overheat. - His special weapon Boomy is unbreakable and has high range and damage. - He has a collection of maps which let's him see all of the maps fully uncovered. - His royal scarf has a high sanity heal. Cons - Can't gain any sanity from food. - Doesn't have much HP. - His special weapon Boomy can easily kill or severely damage him if not caught. - He is a desert cat and freezes fast. - His royal scarf is not too easy to make. - He needs to keep the maps with him to see them fully uncovered. (As he tends to forget and the maps get covered up again) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs Few animations might seem wonky. Due to the fact that I tried giving to the character different analogies/anatomy, some of the animations might seem weird. (Even though few of them are caused due to the game's texture selection) Wisp gets in the way of planting. -- Fixed in 1.3.7 Wisp might often get in the way when Wool is trying to plant something. (If that happens, simply make a small step forward and retry doing what you wanted to do.) Wisp's timer changes. -- Fixed in 1.3.8 After entering a cave/going underground with an active wisp, it's time will reset (But only for the cave). Entering/exiting caves, or saving and exiting the game while the wisp is active, it might cause it to change it's timer (sometimes staying a bit longer/shorter) Wisps's animation freezes. Wisp sometimes right after waking up might look like she is frozen in the air. But that's just the animation waiting for wool to move in order to begin. Waan's night vision & Weem's night glow doesn't activate. -- Fixed in 1.3.7 Sometimes when the night starts, the character's night vision/glow won't get activated while the character stands near a light source. If that happens, don't worry and simply enter the darkness or turn off the light source, that will activate the night vision/glow immediately. Waan's maps don't show in the animation. Waan's book does not appear in the reading animation in DS (But it works in RoG) Weem's HP decrease is missing the arrow. The arrow which indicates a health decrease does not show during the day when Weem is losing HP. Other The character's have their shadow in the wrong place. That's actually not a bug. This is caused by me trying to push the character's textures almost to their limits in an attempt to make the characters taller than the normal ones. (If you'll encounter any other bugs or issues which are not listed here, then feel free to let me know about them)