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If you think that the game needs some more weapons - this mod's good for you. It adds some more weapons and armor to the game, making fighting preparations more interesting.

Just remember - "Go for the eyes!"


Hound's Bite Mace

I was always annoyed that Tentacle Spikes braking quite fast, especially in caves. But above the spikes is only Dark Sword, that drives you insane really fast (that can be crucial in caves). So I tried to add something with middle damage, that lasted slightly longer than spike dealing nearly the same amount of damage and relatively easy to be crafted by player.

I drew it myself, so it may look somewhat differently than other weapons. (I don't think I can draw well enough)

Recipe for crafting:

Board x2

Ropes x2

Hound's Tooth x2

Requires Science Machine to craft.

Damage: 50

Durability: 150 uses

Golden Sword

Its main purpose to give some firepower to Wilson and all the characters excluding Wolfgang. I kinda liked his bonus to damage, but he is too much of a OP because of his raised stats and Wilson just too cool to swap him for bonus damage. And it'll be good way to spend some gold too.

Recipe for crafting:

Gold Nugget x5

Flint x2

Red Gem x1

Requires Alchemy Engine to craft.

Damage: 60

Durability: 100 uses

Marble Blade

Its powerful as hell (OP to be honest), but quite heavy, so each succesful hit will drain your hunger by 2 (as well as speeding up hunger consumption by x5 while you holding it) and slow you down 15% - so mind large groups of enemies and don't forget to bring some food if you plan to use it often. Using this with Wolfgang will be pretty much cheating, as it was intended to give a chance to Wilson-players to wield power to crush things with 100 or less hp in one swipe. (Wolfgang can do 102 damage with Dark Sword)

Recipe for crafting:

Marble x5

Gold Nugget x3

Purple Gem x2

Requires repaired Ancient PseudoScience Station to craft

Damage: 110

Uses: 200

Equipping it makes you consume hunger 5x faster and moving 15% slower. Hitting something with it drains 2 hunger from you.

Sword of Ice

Just 1 strike to completely freeze anything except for Treeguard and Deerclops. It seems to much of an OP item, but it is expensive to craft, rather brittle and you will have to be in a melee range to freeze monsters. And it drains sanity over time like Dark Sword does and -4 Sanity per Strike the way Ice Staff does (the staff drains 1 sanity per shot though). Later I plan to make it freeze player instantly regardless of used clothing if you equip it in winter.

Recipe for crafting:

1x Dark Sword

2x Blue Gem

5x Nightmare Fuel

Requires Shadow Manipulator to craft

Damage: 50

Durability: 40 uses

  • Freezes anything with 1 hit (excluding Deerclops and Treeguard)
  • Drains sanity 20min, drains -4 sanity every strike

Known bugs: From time to time it freezes Treeguards completely - forever, until someone trashes them. But i think Ice Staff does that too sometimes. [update: This was game's own bug, it should be fixed already]

Strong Sword by kiopho

Strong Sword created by kiopho is now included into Fighting Pack. Each strike drains 3 Sanity. Has 150% of Dark Sword's durability and damage. Does not lower Sanity over time.

Recipe ofr crafting:

Purple Gem x2

Nightmare Fuel x10

Dark Sword x1

Requires Shadow Manipulator to craft.

Damage: 72

Durability: 150 uses


Golden Armor

I honestly tried to draw an armor piece, but I am much more suited to write or fix codes than draw. Well, I can draw some decent weapons (decent from my point of view of course), but not armor. So I just did some repainting on Marble Suit. It was intended as craftable alternative to Snurtle Shell Armor, it has less durability and more absorbtion.

Recipe for crafting:

Gold Nugget x10

Ropes x4

Requires Alchemy Engine to craft.

Durability: 900

Absorbing rate: 90%

Golden Helmet

I finally managed to add Golden Helm. It would've taken me forever if it wasn't for

Heavenfall's helping hand with coding.

I still suck at drawing anything besides weapons, so it looks out of place. I will change its sprites once get my hands on appropriate ones. It was intended as craftable alternative to Shellmet, it has more durability and same absorbtion.

Recipe ofr crafting:

Gold Nugget x6

Ropes x2

Requires Alchemy Engine to craft.

Durability: 850

Absorbing rate: 90%


Some very nice and friendly people here really helped me with creating this mod and here I'am gonna say one hell of a loud thanks to all of them:

  • kiopho - Thank you very much! It all started with your wonderful "Strong Sword mod". My first coding experiments started with this mod. And kiopho kindly explained me how to rename .bin files without causing game to crash, so if it wasn't for him I would be breaking my ass over this problem and my mod would never be published.
  • Heavenfall - Thanks for showing how to add new hats to game files! Thanks to you I managed to add Golden Helm to my Fighting Pack.
  • A-bomb - his sprites for items is just awesome! He kindly offered to support mod's development by providing some nice pics.
  • Thanks to milson - I learned how to merge item mods from his mod's "Potions" code, which is also one of my favorite mods.

How to install:

1. Unpack mod's zip file into your "*:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\dont_starve\mods" directory

2. Start the game and go to mod's section of main menu

3. Find Madman's FP in the list and enable it.

4. Click OK and you're good to go smashin'.

What's next:

1. Rebalancing

2. Adding damned Chaos Sword

Version history:

UPD: (21.06.2013) Added Golden Sword Mod

UPD: (22.06.2013) New Mace sprite

UPD: (22.06.2013) Marble Sword Mod added

UPD: (23.06.2013) Marble Sword update - slows speed and drains hunger

UPD: (23.06.2013) Sword of Ice added

UPD: (24.06.2013) Golden Armor added

UPD: (25.06.2013) Golden Helmet added

UPD: (25.06.2013) Mod's page remade

UPD: (25.06.2013) Marble Blade sprite changed

UPD: (30.06.2013) Sword of Ice sprite changed

UPD: (03.07.2013) Strange New powers update. Ice Blade freezes player

UPD: (08.07.2013) Kiopho's Strongsword added

UPD: (28.07.2013) Mod upgraded to match [Hunger] update and some weapons stats and recipes reworked

UPD: (23.08.2013) Mod is compatible with Stuff of Nightmares update and is available on Steam Workshop.

UPD: (17.09.2013) Mod is compatible with [Moderately Friendly] update.

UPD: (04.10.2013) Checked mod's compatibility with Six feet Under update.

Most Recent

UPD: (07.04.2014) Checked mod's compatibility with RoG Giant Steps update. Everything seems to craft and equip right. I didn't have much time to do the checking, so there may be some bugs, if so - write about it http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=172090600 here and I'll fix it when I have time.

Here's Steam Workshop link for Madman's FP.

What's New in Version <23.08.13.N>   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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Can you add more stuffs and change some craft please?

why he would change craft ? For me everything works good and is balanced. But some new extra weapons could be nice

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I have loads of work now and very little time for modding, but I am still going to add one or two more weapons. It'll just take more time for me to finish.

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add a sword of fire that will catch you on fire. oh and I say you should ad ice armor that will prevent you from burning, and fire armor that will prevent you from freezing. it will need golden armor, 5 of the specific gem, 7 and marble. it should also be stronger than gold armor.

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this is a great looking mod, and i plan on adding it to my game. i'll be needing some better middle tier weps and armour.

also, i have a suggestion for the sword of ice.
Considering it takes one hit to freeze enemies, but requires basically only a blue gem and a dark sword. i feel the recipe is a little too easy. why not incorporate the ice staff in place of the gem? i mean, it seems more logical to me.
to balance using an item like the staff, you could add a little extra range on top of perhaps a drop in physical damage. this might even out the one hit freeze thing.

(not that i ain't gonna abuse the current recipe tho)

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I wanted to figure out a little about DS modding so I hacked the crap out of your mod.  I changed the recipes on everything to be stupid cheap and overpowered.  It actually makes the game pretty peaceful which was nice for a little bit, but really I just wanted to figure out how to do it.  I've never coded in LUA before.  I can't say I like it, but it isn't too terrible.


Anyway, thanks for the mod :)

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No, it didn't stopped, I just hit something of a creative slump, when I am free from uni, but still don't have enough time and don't have enough ideas... I'll post something here, when I start adding new items.

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I love this mod :D but for some reason when I instaled this mod my golden pick when hammering a rock per hit 2% durability is taken off.

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Thx, for kind words, @eyesea

I don't remember any part of code in MFP, that could affect pickaxes, so i think maybe it caused by another mod. At least when Iplayed with MFP, I did not encounter such problems.



I intended (and still intend) to think of some fun ranged weaponry to add. Sadly now that I am a manager, not a pupil, I have very little time. But I'll do it eventually. About armor I don't really think there needs to be another low tier armor... At least between log suit and Grass suit. I am thinking of adding some armors that shield against freezing and overheating (providing low and mid tier insulation) as well as reducing damage for seasonal fighting. The hard part is to make them perishable by time and by taking enough damage at the same time.

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Good job!

At first it looked like OP to me, but I tried this mod anyway, And I have to say, mostly it isn't OP at all. The golden armor/helmet seem like great items, but with game days flowing I realized that there is not enough gold in default game world to make it too easy. Gold can be taken from the pig king, true, however you either have to hunt a lot of tumbleweeds to get all thosegravedigger items, or you have to spare some meat. Not much meat to spare, as a matter of fact.

So, well done at least.

The only thing I found to be a bit of a cheat is that golden sword you have in your mode. Maybe it's better to have it more expensive or something, otherwise it's too easy to obtain and it's second only to dark sword in terms of melee damage.

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