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  1. Madman's Fighting Pack

    If you think that the game needs some more weapons - this mod's good for you. It adds some more weapons and armor to the game, making fighting preparations more interesting.
    Just remember - "Go for the eyes!"
    Hound's Bite Mace

    Golden Sword

    Marble Blade

    Sword of Ice

    Strong Sword by kiopho

    Golden Armor

    Golden Helmet

    Some very nice and friendly people here really helped me with creating this mod and here I'am gonna say one hell of a loud thanks to all of them:

    How to install:

    What's next:
    1. Rebalancing
    2. Adding damned Chaos Sword
    Version history:
    UPD: (21.06.2013) Added Golden Sword Mod
    UPD: (22.06.2013) New Mace sprite
    UPD: (22.06.2013) Marble Sword Mod added
    UPD: (23.06.2013) Marble Sword update - slows speed and drains hunger
    UPD: (23.06.2013) Sword of Ice added
    UPD: (24.06.2013) Golden Armor added
    UPD: (25.06.2013) Golden Helmet added
    UPD: (25.06.2013) Mod's page remade
    UPD: (25.06.2013) Marble Blade sprite changed
    UPD: (30.06.2013) Sword of Ice sprite changed
    UPD: (03.07.2013) Strange New powers update. Ice Blade freezes player
    UPD: (08.07.2013) Kiopho's Strongsword added
    UPD: (28.07.2013) Mod upgraded to match [Hunger] update and some weapons stats and recipes reworked
    UPD: (23.08.2013) Mod is compatible with Stuff of Nightmares update and is available on Steam Workshop.
    UPD: (17.09.2013) Mod is compatible with [Moderately Friendly] update.
    UPD: (04.10.2013) Checked mod's compatibility with Six feet Under update.
    Most Recent
    UPD: (07.04.2014) Checked mod's compatibility with RoG Giant Steps update. Everything seems to craft and equip right. I didn't have much time to do the checking, so there may be some bugs, if so - write about it here and I'll fix it when I have time.
    Here's Steam Workshop link for Madman's FP.




  2. Books Mod

    Enables every character to craft and read books.
    I thought that this "Books" tab is way too powerful and unique to belong to only one character, so I created this little mod to even the odd between Wickerbottom and some characters neglected in a new update (mainly Wilson).
    Note: It overwrites game's character prefabs, so any additional custom characters won't have "books" tab and it might conflict with other mods overriding character files.
    UPD: Thanks to kiopho - now the mod does not override any of character files.
    1. Drop and unpack zip archive in your ***SteamSteamAppscommondont_starvemods directory
    2. Enter the game and in mods list enable "Books mod"
    3. Enjoy your new powers
    Mod is highly experimental and I did it mostly for my own fun. If you have any questions or problems - you can PM me of leave a comment describing problem. I'll try to look into it as soon as I can.
    Version History:
    (28.07.2013) Update: Upgraded to work with Hunger version of the game
    (06.08.2013) Update: Fixed "Third science and magic tier recipes for Tentacle and Lightning books
    (06.09.2013) Update: Mod now should work with Stuff of Nightmares.
    Most recent:
    (03.10.2013) Update: Checked for compatibility with latest update.