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Grants the player the ability to toggle between enable / disable click to walk functionality in-game.

Disabling the click to move will ONLY affect clicks “on the ground” - e.g. when you’re not targeting any entities. You can still click to perform any actions such as mining, picking, attacking, examining, etc. 

Click to Walk

Tells whether click to walk will be working or not by default when joining a game

"Yes" or "No"

Toggle Key
Toggles the functionality in-game. You can chose to disable the ability to toggle if you like.

K L ; [ ] or "Disabled"

This mod was inspired by The Forge event when a lot of people seemed interested in this functionality. Although the event is over, it looks like some players don’t like this at all, even on regular DS/DST. 

Hope this mod can help improving your gameplay experience. As always all feedback is appreciated, enjoy!

Toggle Click to Walk is compatible with Don't Starve / Reign of Giants / Shipwrecked / Don't Starve Together.

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What's New in Version 0.2.1   See changelog


Release 0.2.1

  • Fix bug that would allow player to move slightly if clicking on the char

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