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Map Settings 1.3

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Map Settings v1.3

New settings on world customization screen:

Birds - Number of max birds that can spawn (lower settings have longer spawn delays)

Koalefants - Number of dirtpiles you must follow before Koalefant spawns

Krampus - Time in days before Krampus forgets 1 naughty action (longer times have lower number of naughty actions

LurePlants - Slower or faster spawn times of LurePlants

Frog Rain - How often it will rain frogs

Random Seasons:

-random summer: default winter (15 days) and random summers (15 + random number between -10 and 5)

-random winter: default summer (20 days) and random winters (15 + random number between -10 and 10)

-random both: random summers (15 + random number between -10 and 5) and winters (15 + random number between -10 and 10)

All random seasons length changes like first random summer can be 15 days, and next summer can be 8

Mushrooms - How many mushrooms will be in Your world

Flowers - How many flowers will spawn in the world

Butterflies - Number of max butterflies that can spawn (lower settings have longer spawn delays)

Pengulls - Number of Pengulls that can spawn (lower setting have longer spawn delays and number of Pengulls and their colonies)

General settings 0.3 to 0.1 on some:





-delete older version of this mod from your mod directory

-extract in your mod directory

-enable at in game mod manager

What's New in Version 1.3   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.


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